Why you cant give icons

People’s Belief: icons can not be given

In the people it is considered that by giving an icon, people can cause damage. And since the face of the saints is in a prominent place, in the room where people most often are, the effect of this spoilage strengthens every day. Householders start swearing and quarreling with each other. It is

possible to free itself from its negative impact only by communion. At the same time, the icon must be given to the church, in no case it can be thrown out.

When it is possible to give icons

Church ministers claim that the gift of an icon is a great sacrament, because it carries a piece of spiritual and eternal. Therefore, you can give the face of the saint, but only from a pure heart and only to an Orthodox person. Such a gift, presented wholeheartedly, will bring only happiness and good to the recipient of it.

At the same time, the person must understand that the icon is not just an element of the interior, it requires an appropriate attitude – respectful and respectful.

Despite the fact that icons can be given, it is necessary to understand that not every holiday is an occasion for such an offering. Most often, the faces of saints are brought as a gift at some celebrations.

At the baptism of an infant. On the day of this sacrament, measuring icons are usually bestowed. This tradition originated in the royal family when the godmother gave the newborn an icon equal to his stature. She had to protect him from misfortune and grief.

In Russia growth was called “measure”, hence the name of the icon – “dimensional”.

For the crowning. In honor of this celebration, this gift is usually made by parents to their children, blessing them. It is believed that the icon will strengthen the family union by giving joy and love to home. Such an icon can be passed down as a valuable relic from generation to generation.

For a birthday party. In this case, the name icons depicting the face of the patron saint are given as a guardian.

On a church feast.

To whom you can give icons

to give icons to any Orthodox person. A relative, a friend, a fellow worker, a business partner – not so important. The main thing is that the gift carries positive energy and is consecrated in a church or temple, otherwise the face of the saint will become just a painting.

For colleagues and partners, as a rule, icons George the Victorious and Alexander Nevsky are chosen. Delivered in the workplace, they will contribute to the spiritual development of man and bring success to all his endeavors.

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