Why would “13 Reasons Why” be put in one row with “Gossip Girl”?

Sometimes, after seeing something particularly interesting, the viewer seeks help from Yandex or Google in hopes of finding similar film tapes and reliving the emotions they like again. Recently, after reviewing a couple of recommended articles on the topic, I found that from the relatively new series, fans of “Gossip Girl” are advised “13 Reasons Why” . Naturally, I immediately decided to check.

So, for those who don’t know,“Gossip Girl” – a series that came out at the end of zeros – in the early tenths. He lasted six seasons and made starred in the lead roles stars. The brightest of these was cutie Blake Lovely. The film is based on Cecily von Ziegesar’s book series. But “motivated” is the key word. In the original, at least, there is no branch of Brare – Chuck, for which millions of fans stuck to screens, suffering along with the amietious Ms. Waldorf for her forbidding “demon.” The plot of the painting is about the golden youth of New York who experience personal, family, school, and later career dramas. And their every move is watched by the ubiquitous gossip girl, posting savory details to a special website turned into the metropolis’s most popular media outlet.

“ 13 Reasons Why,”again, for those who haven’t seen yet, is a film tape based onJay Esher’snovel. As far as the original and film version correspond to each other, I don’t take to judge. But something tells me that shooting four seasons on one book is close to the text – the task is not simple. The plot’s tie-in twists around a schoolgirl who killed herself and left thirteen tapes dousing in the meanness and even the crimes of her classmates.

Attention, connoisseurs, question: What do these two series look like? Well, unless the events of the first series send viewers to high school. But in one case, it’s an elite institution for the scions of millionaires from New York, and in another, a rank-and-file comprehensive school in a small provincial town. The characters of “Gossip Girl” are kings and queens not only parallels, but all secular hangout counties. Their lives, of course, are not sugar, and sometimes at all throw up disgusting surprises, but in general, everyone has a strong rear and reliable friends. The “13 Reasons Why” places social problems at the forefront. The line between popular guys and losers is sharply drawn, the theme of grass among teenagers is mussed. Yes, both there and there are drugs, alcohol, erotic problems, but they have different backgrounds. If in “Gossip Girl” all life – continuous entertainment, and school intrigues escalate into intrigues of secular society and financial frauds, then in “13 prichin why” – life is pain, and mistakes have fateful value, because throw a couple or three million on their solutions is not possible. In general, the heroes, the message, the atmosphere – there is nothing, nothing in common. And for a viewer accustomed to thinking that there will always be Serena and Chuck for any Blair, Hannah’s total loneliness and the horrors she becomes a witness to turn to shock.

Which is better: “Gossip Girl” or “13 Reasons Why” ? To be fair, I don’t see how they can be compared among themselves. If the comparison is so necessary, it makes sense to include a newer film in a selection of movie tapes similar to “Veronica Mars.” There and the plot begins with the death of the girl, and all kinds of horrors too are enough, and the psychological atmosphere is very pressing, and the crimes are much more terrible than the romantic relationship with someone else’s guy or even a husband. It is possible, with due diligence, to draw “13 reasons why” to “Game of Lies” or “Nice cheats” , although here is no longer without nuances. But how legal is it to put in one row the misery of Hannah Baker and the mental anguish of Serena Vanderwoodsen? It’s about like saying it’s blue and red, oak and chamomile, chili and crimson cheesecake are the same thing.

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