Who is Arina Perchik than she is famous



Arin was born in Togliatti on February 15, 1991. Her parents separated, and from her early years the girl was raised by one mother, who in turn transferred the powers of parenting to her grandparents. With them Arina and lived right up to the point of graduating from high school. The girl recalls that at the age of 7 she was sent to camp and, when the roll call began and called the last name “Perchik”, everyone began to laugh, and it didn’t hurt her, but had to liking. Since then, Arina believes, she has become a jester (in a good sense of the word) and remains in that role until now, which she confesses insanely likes.

By the way, Perchik is not a pseudonym, it is her mother’s maiden name, Arina bears it since she was 3 years old. At the time, her name was Karina, the first letter she decided to remove herself just recently.

Perchik was the school’s star. She herself, her classmates, and even her teachers, declares it. Arina (then still Karina) and the old boy were chosen, and school activities she conducted, and in general in school life took the most active part.

After school the girl went to conquer Moscow. Entered the university, but her studies did not ask, which did not upset Arina at all, as she had already signed a contract with a popular Moscow modeling agency by this time. So from books, which the careless student considered boring, and their reading – an occupation of nudity and languid, she moved on to a fascinating and more useful, from her point of view, to posing in front of the video and camera cameras.

Top model in Russian

Coming to the show “Top model in Russian”, on which Arina got, by the way, on general grounds, without protégés, the girl immediately drew attention to herself and organizers, and participants, and, most importantly, – TV viewers (the show was broadcast on MUS-TV channel). And it wasn’t surprising, given the young model’s bright appearance and her divisiveness, having nothing to do with vulgarity. It is worth noting that happened behind the scenes of the show casus concerning Arina. Members of the jury questioned the growth of the young model who claimed 176 centimeters. And then the presenter Ksenia Sobchak self-measured the participant. It turned out that the girl did not listen, it really corresponded to the claimed 176 cm. By the way, the weight of the model is 47 kg, perhaps that’s why it seems so miniature.

Perchik didn’t manage to reach the final, despite universal love, but, according to her, she doesn’t regret it, as she got at this stage the main thing for what everything started, – popularity and experience.

Popularity is known to have two sides. And for Arina, participation in the show turned out, on the one hand, a genuine love of fans, and on the other, a scandal over Bentley Continental’s gifted criminal authority.

Life of the Russian Amazon

Once Arina starred for the men’s magazine “XXL” in the image of a daring amazon. Readers noted one, in their opinion, the most erotic photo, which recorded the view of the model from the back. At the same time, from the clothes on it – only a quiver with arrows, but on the feet fur boots up to the knees. Since then, the nickname “Russian Amazon” has been firmly entrenched behind Arina.

The girl is married. With her civil husband lives on “Rublevka”. There are no children yet, but according to Arina’s admission, she really wants to have them. But also she wants to build a career, because for that she has all the possibilities. So for now is at a crossroads, realizing that combining these things is very difficult.

Today, Arina Perchik is engaged in acting courses in the studio of MTHAT (Moscow Theatre Art Academic Theatre), is fascinated with vocals. Asked which image would like to try on itself, with a laugh replies: “None! I love my image, such a fool.”

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