Which countries use another calendar

Gregorian calendar

 In most part, countries around the world enjoy the Gregorian calendar. It is introduced in 1582 to replace the Julian. At first it was used in Catholic countries, as the founder of it was Pope Gregory XIII.

It further spread around the world. The difference between the two calendars is 13 days, thanks to which we celebrate the Old New Year.

Own calendars

But there are countries that do not use this calendar at all or use two at once — own and Gregorian.

For example, a country like India has its own Uniform National Calendar, on which they now have 1941. At the heart of their calendar, which, by the way, was created not so long ago (1957), is the ancient year calculus. This calendar is used by both India and Cambodia. The reference point in it is the date of Krishna’s death (3102 BC). But neither is it all. Several more calendars exist in this country, used by individual peoples and tribes.

Ethiopiais 8 years behind us on the calendar. Now 2012 is underway in this country. The year consists of 13 months. What’s interesting: 12 months they have 30 days, and 13 depends on which year is leap or not. It’s only 5 or 6 days in it. The beginning of the day in Ethiopia comes with sunrise. At the heart of their calendar is the ancient Alexandrian calendar.

Japanlives in 2032. In this country, the years of the Nativity of Christ are conducted. But there is a peculiarity: the score starts from the year of the That is, each emperor calls his time reign in his own way – “Enlightened World”, “Age of Peace and Tranquility” etc. They also use 2 calendars — Gregorian and one that exists on a given moment in time in this country.

Jews in Israel live according to the Jewish calendar, but also the Gregorian calendar at them is officially valid. The calendar of Jews differs in many features. For example, the beginning of the month comes strictly on the new moon. And the beginning of the year, that is, its first day, can come on any day of the week, just not on Friday and Sunday. And for that, every previous year is lengthened by one day. Now in Israel according to their calendar year 5780.

Thailand. In 2020, the year 2563 came in this country. They have their own calendar, too. The peculiarity of it is that the beginning of its calculus begins with the day, the so-called acquisition of nirvana by Buddha. Since Thailand is a country with a large number of foreign tourists, then there is an exception for them and in some places or on certain goods the date that corresponds to the Gregorian calendar.

In addition to these countries, countries such as China, North Korea, Mongolia, Afghanistan, $ Bangladesh et al.

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