Where to complain about GIDD




easiest way to complain about a GAI officer at the time of violation of your rights or legislation is to call “112″ and report a crime scene. You can also find out in advance the number of your city’s trust department and report on the arbitrariness of traffic police on this line of communication


Submit a written application to the prosecutor’s office or to the court if it was not possible to resolve the issue on the place of its accomplishment. There is no specific form for a complaint in writing in the law, but in any document of this category several main points must be specified.


Please provide your first name, surname, patronymic name and address to which you can contact. Write the name of the authority to which you apply for protection. Describe in detail what your complaint is and the requirement to take the necessary action. Try to write a statement without emotion and without using obscene language, otherwise the complaint has the right to reject.


Attach proof if you have it. You have the right to receive a written response within 30 days from the date of the application, and to monitor the progress of your complaint and, in case of which, withdraw it.


Be prepared that after complaining about a traffic police officer, you hold him accountable. And if your case has serious charges, it’s likely that the court will call you as a witness or plaintiff for a hearing. If the decision of the court does not satisfy you, you can write an application to a higher instance.


You can file a complaint against the police online on the official website of traffic police (gibdd.ru). Be sure to read the instructions, especially the “grounds for refusal” section, to lose time in the future if your application is not accepted.


Also in Russia there is a project “Angry Citizen” (angrycitizen.ru). On this site, a special form has been developed for each application. There’s also a police complaints section here. The organization, after receiving a complaint from you, sends it to the appropriate public body for consideration. In case of difficulties, you will be consulted free of charge by lawyers of this project, and in especially difficult cases the media will be involved in solving the problem.

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