When the sequel to British television series “Sherlock” is released

Fourth season — no sooner than a year

Immediately after the end of the third season of the acclaimed television series British newspaper The Sun, citing an unnamed source in the Air Force, reported that producers and screenwriters of “Sherlock” Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis are already working on the fourth and fifth season and intend to please TV viewers with the sequel in December 2014. True, as noted by the edition, most likely should expect not a full season, but a special “Christmas” episode. According to the source, the performers of the lead roles — Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbetch) and Dr. Watson (Martin Freeman) have already signed contracts and stipulated time in their schedule for spring filming of the fourth season.

The first season of “Sherlock” premiered in the summer of 2010, the second premiered in January 2012, the third season was shown in January 2014 and attracted to TV screens record audience for Britain: 13 million people.

However, days later, this joyous information for fans of the series was denied. In particular, Martin Freeman noted that he has not yet signed a contract, so there is no way he can comment on the timing issue. But nevertheless Steven Moffat reported that the decision to continue the series has been made and work is under way on a script for new episodes. Confirmed this information and Air Force management. The authors of “Sherlock” said that they will try to release new series on the screen as soon as possible, but it is not worth waiting for the premiere earlier in 2015: the work will take at least a year.

But season four is likely not to be its last: At one press conference, Steven Moffat declared that the series will continue until Benedict Cumberbetch is ‘too famous.”

The role of Sherlock Holmes’s “highly active sociopath” made Benedict Cumberbatch truly popular. In the ranking of the world’s most popular actors according to IMDB StarMeter website, he is ranked 5th.

How many series will be in the new season

According to the producers of the series, despite numerous requests from fans, the number of series in the fourth season will remain the same — three. This is explained by the fact that each series in terms of duration (one and a half hour) and technical complexity of filming corresponds to a small film, and it is impossible to increase the timekeeping of the season cleanly technically: in this case, fans of deduction will have to wait for more than two years, but much longer.

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