When the Autumn Appeal Begins

Autumn Appeal continues less than spring, so it is especially important for draftees to know its start and end dates. It is only during this period that military commissariats, conscription commissions can carry out conscription activities. The start date of the draft is established by law, it can be learned from article 25 of the Federal Law “On Conscription and Military Service”, which is devoted to the timing of conscription activities in spring and autumn periods. The call itself begins on the basis of a special decree of the President of the Russian Federation, but the date of the beginning of the autumn draft campaign in this decree always coincides with the specified rule of law.

In what time is the autumn draft for the bulk of conscripts held?

The general rule is that the Autumn Appeal begins on October 1 and continues for three months, that is, until December 31 inclusive. It is during this time period that all draft actions are carried out, their holding at other times is illegal. Usually, the aforementioned fall draft deadlines are strictly adhered to, although the President has the power to increase its duration if the targets are not met. He has little to no use of this right, since in most cases there is no need to change the timing of the procedures.

Special terms of the autumn appeal

The beginning of the autumn appeal may be extended by a certain number of days for certain categories of persons required to serve in the of the army. This is due to objective reasons, which are reflected in the said article of the law. Thus, the autumn appeal for residents of some areas of the Far North begins on November 1, the same rule applies for a number of territories equated to the areas of the Far North.

If a citizen of military age lives in rural areas, directly engaged in planting, harvesting, then the autumn appeal for him starts only on October 15. All others are required to report to military commissariats on subpoenas in accordance with the general rules.

It should also be remembered that many military enlistment offices send subpoenas to citizens in advance, and the date of appearance in such notifications is indicated within the conscription campaign period. Such mailing is legal as no draft events are held prior to the start of the autumn draft.

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