What will happen after death: the most popular beliefs

Paradise and hell – opposite worlds

The most popular is the notion of hell and heaven. In different religions, they are called differently, but the bottom line is one. Even the ancient Greeks had the radiant Champs-Élysées and the gloomy kingdom of Hades, and the Scandinavians had the bright Valhalla and the underground Hel. Right now heaven and hell are present in Christianity, Judaism, Islam. As a rule, heaven appears to be a heavenly abode, and hell to an underground place. To get to heaven after death, one must follow religious instructions, be humble, grateful and humbled. Sinners, blasphemers and criminals go to hell. In Catholicism there is also purgatory – a place where souls not worthy yet to go to heaven, but also not too sinful for hell are purified. It is believed that all souls will be in Hell or Paradise until the Day of Judgment, when everyone will be judged separately in his works.

Teaching of rebirth

There is no afterlife per se in religions such as Hinduism, Jainism or Buddhism. According to these teachings, the soul experiences eternal wanderings through various living organisms. In one life, it can become a human, in another – a cat, in the third – an ant or at all – a stone. To provide for yourself subsequent rebirth in the human body, one must live a righteous life, be merciful, just and not mourn fate. The behavior depended on which caste – a social group – a person would be reborn. If a well-off trader or grandeur behaved too easily, following religious teachings, in the next life he could well become a servant. Also, rebirth is influenced by past lives – karma.

Other forms of afterlife

The Japanese religion Shinto combines the teaching of the afterlife and reincarnation. Followers of the teachings believe that after swept away, the soul goes to the souls of the ancestors and becomes something of a deity who can help his offspring and guide their path. However, after 49 years, this condition is lost, and the soul can once again become human, but only of its kind. In Chinese Taoism, people differ in degree of activity. Those who have done nothing useful and have lived a life wasted go into nothingness, where they connect into one common soul, shuffle and degenerate again. People who have done many good deeds accumulate spiritual energy and rush into the sky. In Taoism, a person’s life affects the existence of his descendants. The children of the sinner will be constantly ill and bad luck, and the descendants of the righteous will live life quietly and happily.

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