What the TV series “Heavenly Judgement” is about

Two lawyer friends live in a strange grey-blue world. The color in this world of radish and from that looks especially defiant. Especially red. Red tie. Red rose. Red wine. Although wine and rose are forbidden here — they are contraband. Why? Because this place of Transition is the place of Doomsday. In order to get to where there is color and joy, taste and smells or complete gloom and hopelessness, you need to go through the procedure of a court hearing under all rules of Roman law: with a prosecutor and a lawyer, with judge and jury, witnesses and investigators.$

“ – I wonder how the person to judge should feel?

– Every day, breaking other people’s sins, remember yours”

Every day, every day of God here judge the souls of people, sentence sinners and to the righteous, and sends the defendants either to the peace sector or to the Involution sector, and sometimes… sometimes give a second attempt — return back. The

friends confront each other in a daily cheerful scramble, like a lawyer and prosecutor. But after… after the meeting, they live all the passions on which no one will ever veto, even the Supreme Hierarchs, in the place of Transition.



the fault, of course, of the Amore family. If not in 100 percent of all the ills of mankind, and in all the sins, then in 80’s exactly. If it weren’t for the insecurity of this mafia family, how many ills humanity would escape?! A lot. Pretty much everyone. And they know themselves entertained by shooting with two hands.

“ In all of your love, there is only one wounded in the heart. The other is sold for babki, eatery, care. In 99.99% of cases”

At the head of most of the cases heard at Judgment Day is the inaccuracy and voluntarism of Amore. Even the most righteous souls stumbled upon Love – a feeling the family evoked by its unaimful shooting.

Love doesn’t disappear anywhere, not in this world. But if we love, we must let go of the one we love. To understand this, the hero played by Konstantin Khabensky needed not only to become the Prosecutor and judge the new lover of his wife, still loved and alive, but also several trials on other people, with completely unfunny situations.

Mikhail Porechenkov’s hero is also one of those affected. He was driven to fall in love with the living. And now he has to “live” with that. Forever?


“The pride of menial people is to talk about themselves all the time, and the pride of tall people is to talk about themselves never”


‘t the world of the living strange? There are constant confusion: the righteous on earth, turns out to be the unrighteous in heaven, and the most sinful sinner — at a detailed examination on the Judgment Day — quite the opposite. What’s good: Colored dreams are alive. Beautiful Morphea — the heroine of Ingeborg Dapkunaite — in his video library records them as well as fully lived lives: moment after moment, second after second. Reality fixing usually helps judicial investigation. But there are also… not mistakes, no, not quite fair, from a human point of view, solutions. And the person under investigation is not sent to the sector of Peace, but to the sector of Discussion.

The miniseries “Heavenly Judgment” consists of four series. Each has several parallel stories and problems — comical, banal, convoluted, considered sincerely and inventive.

A sequel, which will be released in 2014, is currently being filmed.

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