What the knight dedicated to his ladys heart

Toskaya for chivalrous times, women actually have very vague ideas about who the lady of heart is and what specific acts the devotion of knights was expressed. For some reason, there was a misconception that the lady of the heart should be a wife, but dynastic marriages rarely assumed the love of spouses, so that the title of romantic sweetheart could count on any an attractive woman, and the more inaccessible she was, the more enthusiastic the fans attracted. If you consider that knights were warriors, the initiations were always closely related to military affairs.

Rated feats for a beautiful lady

Victory at the tournament is one of the most common dedications, which at the same time did not go in line with the goals of the knight himself. The title of the winner of the tournament was already quite honorable, but if it was dedicated to a beautiful lady, the glory of the winner fell on all involved. Interestingly, the dedication of victory to the lady of heart was often declared before the tournament, thus the knight motivated himself not to lose. Peculiar psychological reception worked well, because the knight believed that defeat would not just cover it with shame, but also harm the lady of heart.

In fact, even the defeat was not so humiliating, because the lady of heart will certainly get under the impression when she finds out what serious wounds she received a dedicated knight to glorify her name.

However, if winning the tournament referred more to peculiar competitions, participation in the war suggested more serious costs and dangers. Cases are known when the lady of the heart, encouraging her knight, supported his campaign materially. For landless knights, the younger sons of nobles, this was sometimes the only way to purchase decent equipment.

Spiritual wealth

Not all knights were generously gifted by nature and could boast invincibility, but you can impress the woman in other ways. In honor of the lady of the heart were composed of poems, odes, sonnets and madrigals, which could be recited in awe of women’s hearts.

The most gifted were the youngest sons of the nobles, they could not count on inheritance, so they honed skills that could bring certain benefits. If the knight had a musical hearing and a pleasant voice, it could well devote hearts and serenades to the lady, but in the absence of talents quite counted the efforts.

Interestingly, even religious vows could be devoted to ladies of hearts. Fasting a record amount of time or walking around shrines — why not? The main thing is that she found out, and for this purpose the knights spared no means and no time.

Impress the lady of heart is quite a worthy goal for the knight, and wealth and glory will be applied!

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