What stature Napoleon had be

The question of Napoleon Bonaparte’s rise is not just a question of a particular anthropometric indicator. “Low” or, on the contrary, “tall” person is in the eyes of others. It is defined by how the growth of a particular person relates to the average height.

Napoleon’s rise in centimeters

In 1821, the lowly Emperor died on St. Elena. Immediately after his passing, Napoleon’s personal physician performed an autopsy on the corpse and the results were recorded. Recorded in these records and Napoleon’s height. The doctor recorded it as “5/2″. He probably enjoyed the French system of measures, and to read this follows as “5ft 2in”. If you translate this figure to the English system, which differed slightly from the French one, you will get 5 feet 6.5 inches.

If you translate these data into a modern metric system, you will get 169 cm. For a modern man, it really is a below-average growth, but still not enough to make a person feel like “shorty” and tormented by an inferiority complex!

Contemporaries could not consider Napoleon low, because the average growth in those times was from 164 to 168 cm.

The origin of the legend

to the idea of his small growth was to a certain extent facilitated by Napoleon himself. Upon coming to power in 1799, Bonaparte imposed special requirements on soldiers serving in some lineages of troops. So, only people whose height amounted to at least 170 cm (in the system of the time — 5 feet 7 inches) could enter service in the elite regiment of horse hegers. Even more radical was the requirement for an Imperial Guard grenadier: a height of at least 178 cm (5 ft 10 in).

In other words, all without exception soldiers were tall than Napoleon himself. Appearing with them “in public,” he could really seem low minded.

Another possible source for the legend of the “Low King Emperor” is the distinction between French and English measuring systems. As stated, Bonaparte’s personal physician recorded his height using French units of measurement. But English inches, bearing the same name, had a different meaning. 5ft 2in in the English system is 157.48 cm. It is such growth that the wax figure of Napoleon, displayed in one of the Russian museums, has.

Such height can really be considered small, especially for a man. But this is the result of a mistake In reality, Napoleon was not inferior, and the origins of his character should be sought in something else.

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