What properties does Slavic foreman Yarovik possess?

In ancient years, it was thought that the amulet was capable of storing solar energy. He subsequently shared it with his owner, helping him achieve success. People believed that it was possible to live a decent life with Jarovik’s help.

Jarovik’s amulet was used primarily to protect the crop. He was in virtually every warehouse. It was applied in the form of a drawing on various buildings with billets and supplies.

The Slavic amulet was associated with the sun god Yarila. Jarovik is a cruciform amulet. It is made as rays wrapped to the right. The appearance showed the direction of the sun’s movement towards spring.

Obereg accumulates light energy. It is associated primarily with warmth and sun. The amulet can only be used by the person whose thoughts are not evil and insidiousness. Otherwise Jarovik won’t help.

The significance of the Slavic amulet

  1. Obereg was used to protect and increase livestock. He was painted over the entrance to the bread.
  2. According to legends, Jarovik could protect his owner’s family from poverty and hunger. To do this, the symbol had to be applied to the roof of a residential building
  3. The Slavic amulet Yarovik helped protect the crop. People painted a sign on the barn wall and pantry.

The amulet helped not all people. Its owner had to revere the gods, live according to their commandments. As soon as a family member began to show anger, greed and insidiousness, the guardian lost all its many properties. And without the support of gods in ancient times, it was hard to live.

The action of the

guardian Amulet protected not only crops and assets. He had a favorable impact on his owner as well. To do this, the amulet had to be worn around the neck as a pendant.

  1. Jarovik is able to share energy with his owner. With the help of an amulet, you can cope with any task.
  2. The bearer increases confidence and courage. These qualities are necessary for any person. Success without them is almost impossible.
  3. The amulet attracts luck and love into its owner’s life. With it, you can find a soul mate and strengthen existing relationships.
  4. With the help of the guard, you can find inner peace. Owner Jarovik will have a feeling that luck is always with him. He will begin to rejoice every moment he has lived. In this condition, it is much easier to achieve the goals set.
  5. A Slavic amulet will help change life for the better. Thanks to his influence, the person will stop waiting for a convenient moment and start acting. Jarovik will help deal with panic and insecurities.

Reinforcing the Yarovik effect

can be made a more powerful mascot. To do this, he should be talked up using special words. Thanks to this action, the connection with the amulet will become stronger.

Arbitrary conspiracy is also allowed. It’s just enough to turn to God by holding the mascot in your hands. But it is necessary to believe in Yarovik’s properties, and in the words spoken. That’s the main condition.

Slavic amulet must be cleaned regularly of negative energy. To do this, rinse it under running water or in a stream is enough. The wooden mascot is recommended to sprinkle with salt overnight.

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