What movies Lindsay Lohan starred in

“The Parent Trap”

This film brought young Lindsay fame – the girl was 12 at the time of filming. Lohan played as many as two roles in the film – two twin girls separated as children. According to the story, Holly and Annie’s parents divorced when the twins were quite young. As a result, Holly and Dad stayed in California, and Annie and Mum stayed in foggy London. But the girls met by chance at a children’s camp and decided to make sure their parents made up.

“ Freaky Friday”

In this comedy, you can see Lindsey a teenager. The story is based on the popular theme of changing bodies. In this film, the bodies change mother and schoolgirl daughter. The heroines Lindsay and her mothers have the usual marital difficulties in communicating with each other. The girl doesn’t like mom’s new boyfriend, and the mother thinks that her daughter is too frivolous and friends not with who she needs. After mother and daughter change bodies, they will understand each other better and learn to appreciate personal space.

“ Shoddy Girls”

This film continues Lohan’s career as a comedic actress, but the makings of her dramatic talent are already manifesting here. The plot is set around 16-year-old Kadie, the daughter of a zoologist scientist who has spent her entire conscious life in Africa. After moving to the United States and going to school, Kady realizes how complicated the world of ordinary high school students is. She tries to pour into the collective without knowing who is better to choose – honest but unpopular excellent artists or glamorous girls who can tell muck behind their backs. One wrong decision can deprive both friends and incipient love.

“ Kiss for Luck”

This fantasy comedy introduces viewers to a grown up Lindsey. It seems that beauty Ashley was born in a shirt – she is catastrophically lucky in all endeavors. The other thing is musician Jake. Although he is a pretty and stupid guy, everything constantly falls out of his hands, and troubles chase one after another. When Ashley throws a masquerade party, Jake goes on her hoping to find a sponsor. However, he did not suspect that luck would finally smile at him. After kissing with the adorable hostess of the ball, Jake poaches her fortune, but Ashley starts categorically not to carry.

“ I Know Who Killed Me”

In this film, Lindsay changes amplua, becoming an actress of the crime genre. The painting tells of a girl Aubrey who was kidnapped by a sadist. After this tragic case, Aubrey changed – strange wounds began to appear on her body, and the girl herself calls herself Dakota Moss. What’s more interesting is that Dakota is a character of Aubrey’s stories.

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