What movie to watch about teen love

A delightful love movie

This is a story about the strong, pure and sincere love of two different people’s soulful warehouse: a school “star”, a guy named Landen Carter, and Jamie Sullivan is the quiet, infuriated and closeted daughter of a priest who is in class an outcast and an object of ridicule.
Once, in punishment for the next “fortel” — a classmate at fault of Carter and his friends got to the hospital — Landon is left after lessons: to clean up in class, to participate in a school performance. Carter seeks Jamie’s help.

During the performance, Landon saw Jamie with other eyes — wonderfully spiritualized, talented and beautiful. And suddenly for myself fell in love with her.

Love for Jamie completely changes Landon: he starts to look at life differently, leaves his friends and spends all the time with the girl he loves. Jamie didn’t immediately, but still believed in Landon’s love. Soon, the guy learns that Jamie has a list of most cherished wishes, and at the top of her list is to be crowned at that church her mother was crowned.

The play of actors is amazing – you believe every word of them, live the whole film as your own life. The selection of actors for lead roles is simply unstoppable. There’s some wonderful music in the film.

The film’s strong scene: Classmates taunt Jamie in the dining room, she turns to leave, and bumps her forehead onto Landon’s shoulder.

The film, watched by crying after a

while, Landon learns that his beloved is sick with leukemia. Murdered by this news, he rides in the car and cries — tears flowing by the creek. It’s a very strong movie scene.

Desperate, Landon seeks help from his father, although he and his mother have long broken off all sorts of relationships with him. So love for Jamie helps Landon rediscover his father and reconcile with him. Soon Landon proposes to Jamie. They are crowned in the church where Jamie’s parents were once crowned — and the girl’s most cherished wish is fulfilled.

The lovers spend a delightful summer together. Then Jamie dies, and Landon in her memory fulfills her entire wish list.
A few years later, Landon returns Jamie’s father the diary she once gave him.

This picture teaches you to rejoice every day lived, teaches you to appreciate love, friendship and loved ones. This is a beautiful, stunning and moving film that everyone needs to watch at least once.

If you decide to see this movie, rest assured that you won’t regret your choice. The picture has touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of girls and boys around the world. No one will remain indifferent to this love story.

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