What is Euromaidan


In the Ukrainian language the word “Maidan” came from Persian and means open square.


In Kiev the central square is called Maidan Nezalezhnosti – Independence Square. All the most significant rallies in the country take place in this place, where the point of view can be expressed not only by the current government, but also by representatives of the opposition, and the people.


The mass unrest taking place in the central square of Ukrainian Kiev in 2013-2014 is called the Euromaidan.



it became clear what is Euromaidan, it is necessary to understand what the gathered on the mass square stand for. In November 2013, the government of Ukraine decided to suspend the preparation of the country’s association with the EU, in connection with which disgruntled people came to the central square of Kiev with demands for continuation European integration. The rally escalated into a months-long protest with mass unrest, a power grab by oppositionists, the defection of a sitting president, the splitting of the country.


In 2004, there was already a mass popular protest against the falsification of the results of the presidential elections, called Maidan. By analogy with these events, the media decided that such an event should be called Euromaidan.

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