What is a global predictor

Global predictor is a secret subject of world politics, influencing almost all processes of modern planetary society. The term was first used in the book “Dead Water”, published by activists of the KOB social movement led by prominent General Konstantin Petrov, former chief of the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

The author’s collective of the social movement Concept of public safety calls itself the Inner predictor. This term originated in the late 800s of the 20th century, when the first articles about the KOB were published, in which the collapse of the USSR was foregone.

A global predictor is defined as a group of individuals with secret knowledge of the individual’s psyche, which helps them successfully manage peoples and States for two millennia. The structure of the global predictor as a complex hierarchical system is quite fully described in the two-volume “Dead Water”, which is a kind of bible among studying secret societies and followers worldwide conspiracy theories.

The goal of a global predictor

The main goal of a global predictor is to unify human feelings and needs through mass racial mixing, moral decomposition, and the total elimination of nation-states as a fact. The forerunner of this KOB plan is the modern process of globalization, where mass labor migration caused by artificial job shortages in countries with non – European populations should $ cause the oppression of the ethnic groups of Europe and their complete disappearance as the leading creative force on the planet. If supporters of the world conspiracy theory are to be believed, such measures are necessary to create a single world market without state borders, where all aspects of public life will be determined transnational corporations and banking cartels.$ Proponents of the Concept of Public Security define their task as disseminating knowledge about the psyche and mental essence of man, in order to prevent the plans of a global predictor to destroy the modern image of the world for the benefit of globalists. The most popular lectures about the global predictor are the speeches of General Konstantin Petrov, which can be found on any popular video hosting.

A global predictor outside the teachings of KOB

Anyway, all social movements directed against the secret world government have the concept of a global predictor. The definition of KOB completely coincides with the term “blood elites”, authorship of which is held by the English conspirologist David Ike.

The English media for a very long time cast David Icke as a lunatic who considers the queen a reptiloid. In fact it was a careless joke picked up by journalists and complicating life for the publicist in consequence.

The power that guides the world for its selfish purposes is written pretty well in John Coleman’s book “The Committee of 300. Secrets of World Government.” In any case, in the westernmost society, it is customary to talk about the global predictor without hesitation, and 60% of Americans are sure that the world is run by secret societies.

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