What is a gagat: appearance, features, properties


variety of hard coal, an Araucaria fossil, was called both black jasper and black amber because of the similarity to other stones. The name of the rock was given by the Gagai River, where the deposit was first discovered. In Armenian, the gems are called “gisher”, “black night”.

Appearance and features


deep black color sometimes takes on a brown hue. Easy to handle material is used not only for decorations, but also for interior items. In properties gisher is similar to hard coal, just as flammable. In terms of organics, it is similar to amber.

Jewelers correct the gagat into silver and gold. Copper is also popular as a frame. In exclusive author’s decorations, ivory can act as framing. The breed looks massive always, so to wear comfortable even large jewelry. Often rosary is made of gagat.

For contrast, gisher are combined with amber or rhinestone.

Three groups of black jasper are known: small, medium-sized and treatable sturdy stones. The first is distinguished by depth of color, roundness of shape and matt of brilliance. Medium are easy to melt and rugged resistant to external influences. The hardest rocks are found in Kamchatka.


Lithotherapists apply stone to restore health.


Gagat is able to:

  • solve problems of skin, digestion, vision;
  • massage with it eases joint pain and increases immunity;
  • normalize the lymphosystem;
  • reduce cramps;
  • improve kidneys;
  • reduce dermatological problems and manifestations of allergies.

Inhaling the aroma of burning gisher helps fight depression, improves concentration. Hypertension recommended decorations with lazulis and gagate.


For esoterics, self-color is a beautiful mascot. Wearing it promotes normalization of relations, provides stress resistance and commitment to all signs of the Zodiac.

Particularly suitable for the amulet of imaginary Cancer and Fish. He helps defend his opinions and increases confidence. Scorpions and Capricorns will get rid of the conflict.


counterfeiting from the real crystal will help distinguish the depth and intensity of the color. In hand, the natural sample heats up quickly.

Melting at high temperature is a clear sign of naturalness. To make sure of this, a heated needle scrape off a small piece of stone. The real self-color highlights a characteristic fragrance.

Black jasper is stored in a soft cloth casket separate from other accessories. Gischer is afraid of temperature differences: frost contributes to stone cracking, and high temperature causes melting.

Wash the decoration in warm water. No cleaning products are needed. A uniform shine will restore wiping with a wool cloth.

Strikingly beautiful self-color is spectacular and also in combination with other stones.

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