What films did Milla Jovovics

“Return to the Blue Lagoon” – Milla Jovovich’s first big role

The plot of this film almost completely repeats the first part – the picture “Blue Lagoon” with Brooke Shields starring. Two young people who grew up on an island away from civilization feel a mutual attraction for each other and start a family. However, in the way of their idyllic existence there are people from the Big Earth willing to take the savages back to the civilized world. The picture received low ratings due to the secondary quality of the story, however due to the role in this film, Millu Jovovich was noticed by major moviegoers.

“ The Fifth Element” – Luc Besson’s famous blockbuster

role of mysterious alien Lilu brought Jovovich worldwide popularity. Luke Besson’s fantastic action film has become one of the world’s most popular films, and its plot, main characters and popular phrases have spawned many imitations. Jovovich herself also took part in the creation of the script – she helped Besson come up with a special language in which her character is flagged. And the name of the alien singer storing the divine stones – Plava Laguna – translates from Croatian as “Blue Lagoon.” This is a reference to Jovović’s first film that brought her popularity.

“ The Fifth Element” became the most expensive film made outside of Hollywood.

“ The abode of evil” – a cycle of fantastic action

films In the series of films “The abode of evil” Milla Jovovich tries on a new image – a fatal beauty in the red dress and with a huge weapon in his hands. All films are united by a common plot – the leak of a dangerous virus turning all humans into zombies. Jovovich plays a fearless fighter with evil named Alice, who is destined to face mortal danger and survive at all costs. The films were made based on the popular game Resident Evil. Their main feature became not deep meaning, but spectacularity. But despite this, “Resident of Evil” has gained plenty of fans.

A total of 5 films of the cycle “Abdomination of Evil”

“ Ultraviolet” is another superhero movie

In this film, Milla Jovovich once again plays a female warrior, perfectly controlled with weapons and knowledgeable melee tactics. According to the story, Earth finds itself caught up in a virus turning humans into vampires of hemophages. However, humans are fighting against mutants, and they are forced to hide in the underground. Heroine Jovovich is one of the best female female hemophages named Violet. It is chosen to fulfill a crucial mission on which the fate of humanity depends. In the film Ultraviolet, Jovovich had to improve her fighting skills – in all the scenes she fought for real.

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