What dystopian books are worth reading




George Orwell. “1984″. The book tells about a new device of the world, about total control, the inability to think in your own way, express your thoughts and love, about eternal war. The protagonist works for the Ministry of Truth, which is engaged in updating the story according to contemporary events. He and everyone else is being watched tirelessly by Big Brother. The hero tries to confront the system, finds, as he seems, supporters, but by the end of the work, the system still breaks him. After the release of the novel, its title, terminology, and even the name of the author began to be used as the notation described.


Aldous Huxley. “O marvellous new world.” The book tells the story of people’s lives in a new time, when everything in the world turned over. There is no concept of family, children are now raised artificially in hatcheries, immediately separated by castes according to physiological features, and the words “mother” and “father” became swearing. Society lives with needs, not spirituality. Consumption became a cult, the main values – carelessness and parting. To calm down is helped by somna — a substance that clouds the brain. Even death in the new world is perceived as a holiday. As entertainment, people go to “savages” who live the old way. One of them enters the new world and cannot stand its ordeal.


Rey Bradbury. “451 Degrees Fahrenheit.” The novel is about a society that has ceased to value spirituality. Now it is forbidden to read books, and even mention them, they are replaced with TV walls that broadcast virtually around the clock. There is a whole service of firefighters that is needed to burn down the books and even the house where they are found. The epigraph explains the novel’s title – 451 degrees Fahrenheit – “the temperature at which the paper ignites and burns.” The protagonist, who has worked as a firefighter, becomes disillusioned with society’s ideals and adjoins a small group of marginals learning books by heart to pass them on to future generations.


Jack London. “Scarlet Plague.” The story describes a world that has been deprived of all the achievements of civilization due to the rapidly spreading scarlet plague. The cities disappeared, and with them the achievements of science and art. It is the first post-apocalyptic work. The book tells about the fact that people on the earth died out, there was only a small proportion of the population, which began to live according to primitive traditions. The narrative is conducted on behalf of his grandfather, who tells his grandchildren about how he lived before and how unknown illness destroyed the usual way of life of society. Of course, it is very difficult for his grandchildren to believe, but his grandfather believes that in time society will be able to reach its former level of development.

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