What celebrities were born in New York

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the actors who have come to light in New York maternity hospitals, we can mention Peter Gallagher, Kirk Douglas, Christopher Atkins, Alec Baldwin and Chevy Chase. Also in New York was born famous director, producer and screenwriter John Carpenter, who directed such cult horror films as “The Fog” according to the novel Stephen King, “Something”, “Christina”, “Vampires”, “The Village”

For his work John has been awarded many prizes, including for his film about vampires, the director received the Bram Award Stoker.


blond singer with an angelic appearance, Nick Carter, was also born in New York. Subsequently, the talented boy became one of the soloists of the mega-popular band Backstreet Boys and gained even more notoriety, thanks to his novels with scandalous celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

Peter Gallagher, Kirk Douglas and Alec Baldwin are old-tempered actors who have managed to star in a host of acclaimed Hollywood films over their long careers. Gallagher, in addition to a film career, writes music and does writing. Douglas is one of the last representatives of Hollywood’s “golden era.” Alec Baldwin, the flamboyant actor from the Baldwin dynasty, stepped away from filming in films today and favoured the director’s chair. Popular 1980- 90s comedian Chevy Chase gained popularity by starring predominantly in eccentric comedies.

Other famous personas

It was in New York that the world’s first dollar billionaire, entrepreneur and philanthropist John Davison Rockefeller was born. He founded Rockefeller and Chicago Universities, donated a lot of money to medicine and education, and was a very devout and hard-working Christian.

Despite the fact that people considered him almost the spawn of the devil, Rockefeller has been proud of his impeccable morality all his life and lived guided by strict principles.

Born in New York and wife of the President of the United States — Jacqueline Kennedy, who was considered a model of taste and beauty. A girl from a good family married JFK, who later became President of America and repeatedly drove the beauty-wife to nervous breakdowns with her many love pursuits.

Also hailing from New York is Olympic figure skating champion Sarah Hughes, volleyball inventor Billy Morgan and thirty-second U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt.

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