What are ponts

Understated self-esteem

One of the reasons “ponts” is understated self-esteem. Man seeks to assert himself among others, to show that he is superior to them in something. When such aspiration is observed in a teenager, there is nothing terrible about it. It is common for a person in adolescence to look for his place in life, the desire for others to see in him personality. You can stand out from the crowd in many ways, from winning the contest to jumping from the third floor. Both require some personal qualities. For example, in the first case it is knowledge and skills, and in the second case it is courage. In order to “throw ponts”, no qualities are necessary. You can, for example, give out cheap clothes for expensive, tell everyone and everyone you’re going to the Canaries this summer or do something else like that. That is to make you jealous.

A person with a normal level of self-esteem usually doesn’t need to pretend that they are better than they are.

Ponts — useful or harmful?

There are known cases where it was the ponts that forced a person to start working on themselves. First he gave out wishful thinking, then it was late to retreat, and the man eventually succeeded in the field he needed. Other cases are also known. The man sought to appear better than he is, made on those around him the impression of rich, brave or fortunate, very afraid of exposure. In some, the desire to keep its secret causes serious complexes. Others at the slightest threat of exposure rip off relationships and may even go to crime.

Heavy complexes do not occur very often. Most people, coming out of adolescence, lose the urge to “throw ponts” as well.

Is it possible to get rid of that?

can get rid of the urge to “throw ponts”. It is enough to understand that every person is unique, everyone has something ability, everyone can succeed in something. It is necessary to learn to see in each its virtues and to be able to forgive flaws. A big role plays also the ability to assess what really needs and what you would like to get to impress others. To do this, it is enough to understand that others think about the same thing — as if to impress you. They too “throw ponts,” who with more diligence, who with less. If these are people close to you, you can just try talking to them frankly, explaining that you wanted to like them and see that they want to like you, and that you don’t care if your interlocutor prestige machine, high-paying job or branded clothing. This kind of candor will greatly simplify relationships and help boost self-esteem for both interlocutors.

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