Westerfeld Scott: biography, career, personal life

Scott David Westerfeld is not only the author of novels and short stories, the most famous of which is nominated for a Locus Award. He created dozens of children’s works and two documentaries. He’s also a good programmer specializing in software development, and a composer composing dance music. Also sometimes the author works as a “ghost” for already famous writers, calling such creativity “work for the soul”.

Difficulties of Choice


biography of the future writer began in 1963. The baby appeared in Dallas on May 5 in the family of Lloyd and Pamela Westerfelds. His brother’s birth was formed by his two older sisters, Jackie and Wendy.

The head of the family worked as a programmer. In the Sixties, computers were huge, and it required quite a few people to maintain them. Lloyd worked in different city branches of Univac, so the children moved in with their parents all the time. They happened to live both in Houston, when their father worked for the Apollo mission, and in California and Kentucky, where work for “The Boeing Company” and on submarines took place.

From childhood, Scott, who watched his father’s activities, intended to become a programmer. After graduating from the Dallas School of Art in 1985, he studied philosophy. Then decided to receive education for his chosen profession. He wrote a thesis on the topic of performance research for the University of New York. The young man managed to work in the factory, where parts were made of lead, and the teacher visited, and developed programs, and even edited textbooks.

The idea of trying forces in a literary field came to Westerfeld not immediately. His debut was the novel “Polymorph”. The book came out in 1997. After her were “Fine Prey” with “Evolution’s Darling”. Works were published, but notables were not brought to the author. However, special mention at the announcement of the results of the award “Philip K. Dick Award” in 2001 “Evolution’s Darling” was still honored. And the book was included in the “Notable Book for 2000″ list.

Success and recognition

Scott considered it all no small luck and continued writing. Happy was the “Sequence” started in 2003. According to the author’s design, the action takes place in the distant future. The galaxy is fully mastered by Earthlings. However, people who have received immortality have to face a civilization unfamiliar to them of the Ricksians, who want to create a supermind to spread it throughout the galaxies.

The two strongest organizations are ready for confrontation to begin. But whole worlds can disappear into it. At the center of the conflict are the captain of the warship and the lady-senator. It is not known what will choose each of them, loyalty to love or to the emperor. The mini-series was so liked by readers that the author became superpopular.

Increased his notoriety and a new cycle, “Midnighters”, created a year later. Its protagonists were teenagers gifted with superpowers and born at midnight. This time later turned for each of them into an hour filled with dangerous adventures. After the novels enthusiastically received by the youth audience, the author realized that his every new book was turning into a bestseller.

Equally interesting is his prize-winning American Association of Librarians dystopian cycle “Rebellious” or “Talley Youngblad’s World.” According to the story, the main character will have to learn a lot before she can make an informed choice. A girl dreaming of becoming a beauty as her friends will discover the secrets of “beauty operations”, she will find new friends and embark on a path filled with dangers.

New achievements

In the series “Inferno” the author writes on a topic that has already become superpopular: vampires. However, here the writer manages to add something unusual, intriguing to the already famous. According to his plan, the protection of life on the planet is entrusted only to the real heroes. The author doesn’t argue with that.

It is only unknown how to be with the fact that none of them knows about the impending calamity, and the army of the night is ready to exterminate everything humanity. The night inhabitants of the Earth stand up to the protection of people. And from humans, inferns are completely no different, even though humanity is afraid of them.


heroes of the new universe of the author were representatives of two parties, which divided humanity, “Darwinists” and “Tin”. The first one likes to create living things to replace mechanisms, and others have chosen machines. Because of the contradictions between the views of both clans, a world war broke out. Alec and Darin, who have become friends and allies in her involuntarily, have to work together to find ways to stop the bloodshed.


characters of the “Zeroi” series have to learn how to manage their abilities so as not to harm those around them. Ethan, Thibault, Nathaniel, Riley, and Cisara live in the same city. They are peers, but come from different sections of society and would never have met had it not been for the resulting talents. The author gives his version of American superheroes. Teenagers call themselves ironically “zeroys,” that is, “zeros.” However, still join into a single team to solve common problems.

The cycle “Spill Night” is written in the genre of comics, and in the trilogy “New York” all works conventionally link only a common place actions. Also Westerfeld took part in several inter-European projects. The best known was “The Buffy and Angel Universe”. Happily, the personal life of the writer also developed. His wife was Australian author Justine Larbalestier. Both adore traveling, preferring to spend time as far away from home as possible. In the couple’s plans the birth of children does not appear.

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