Walter Skarsgard: biography, creativity, career, personal life


Walter Skarsgard was born on 25 October 1995 in Sweden. He was educated at the grammar school. His father is an actor, producer and screenwriter originally from Gothenburg Stellan Skarsgaard. He has starred in the films “Clever Will Hunting”, “Dissecting the Waves”, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, “The Savior”, and “The Medicine: Avicenna’s Apprentice”. Walter’s mother is actress Mai Skarsgard. He has 5 siblings and 2 half-siblings. After divorcing Mai, Stellan married Megan Everett.

Walter’s four brothers became actors. The most famous of them is Alexander Skarsgard, who played in the paintings “Divorce in the Big City”, “Melancholia” and “There is no connection”. Also in movies can be seen brothers Bill, Sam and Gustaf Skarsgards. In the TV series “Arn: Knights Templar” and the film “Arn: United Kingdom”, Walter worked alongside his father and brothers Gustaf and Bill. Nothing is known about the personal life of the actor.

Career and creativity

In 2003, Walter starred in the painting “Details”. His character is Daniel. The director of the drama co-produced by Sweden, Denmark and the UK is Christian Petrie. The story tells of the tangled relationship of a writer, doctor, publisher and playwright. The film was presented at the Moscow International Film Festival and the Athens Film Festival. The drama was nominated for “Golden St. George.” After 5 years, Walter could be seen in the film “Arn: United Kingdom” as Jonah. Directed by a military melodrama co-produced by Denmark, Sweden, Finland, UK, Norway and Germany – Peter Flint. At the center of the story is a Swedish Knights Templar. The action film was unveiled at the Gothenburg Film Festival.

In 2010, the miniseries “Arn: Knights Templar” featuring Skarsgard was released. It was shown in Sweden and Belgium. In 2014, Walter was invited to the television picture “Viking Women — Daughters of Odin”. Leading roles in the German biographical drama went to Annette Lober, Leonie Benesch, Jakob Benkhofer and Peter Kles. In 2016, the film “Siv Got Lost in a Dream” was released, in which the actor played. Cinemonette was nominated for “Crystal Bear.” In the same year, the TV series “Black Lake” began. In it, Walter was given the role of Lippi.

In 2017 Skarsgard could be seen in the TV series “The Town”. The following year, he played in the film “Lords of Chaos”. Music crime drama has been presented at events such as Sundance Film Festival Fantasia International Film Festival, Beyond Fest Film Festival, Copenhagen International Film Festival: Peaks”, Sitges International Film Festivals, Los Cabos, Stockholm, Lyon Film Festival Hallucinations Collectives, Imagine Film Festival, Paris International Fantastic Film Festival, Monster Fest Film Festival, Morbido Film Fest, London Film Festival. In 2019, the actor was invited to the painting “Experiment “Behind the Glass”. His hero is Casper Nordin. In 2020, the actor can be seen in the film “Don’t Click” as Josh.

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