Vyacheslav Tsarev: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Work in film comedy brought Vyacheslav Valentinovich all-union fame. However, it was this bright role that remained the brightest in the film portfolio of the actor.

The star role

Biography of a future celebrity began in 1951. The boy appeared in the village of Troitse-Golenishchevo near Moscow in a working family. The kid grew up mischievous and combative. The director Elem Klimov paid attention to the thirteen-year-old bully who went with friends without a ticket in the tram. He knew immediately that the boy fit perfectly into his new film.

Glory was invited to trial. The applicant felt uncomfortable, but perfectly sang the song, read the poem and was approved the nar role. Filming took place near Tuapse.

Funny looping character has gained extraordinary popularity, and the question sounded from the screen turned into a winged phrase. Two years later, Slava found himself on set again. This time he received an invitation from Andrey Tarkovsky.

In the film “Andrei Rublev” the hero of the young artist was Andreyka’s assistant foundries. Despite the demanding maître, the work with him greatly liked Tsarev. Schoolboy Slava starred in episodes of two films.



latest film work was the 1969 musical New Year’s film “At Thirteenth Hour of the Night”. Anchutka Bespyth, played by Tsarev, met the foreign guest of the dwarf Uryu in the company of Baby-Yaga and other inhabitants of the fairy forest, and then moved to the film studio, where uncleanliness brought its order, thoroughly remaking the performances prepared by the artists.

The graduate did not think about a professional artistic career. He did not come to study at VGIK despite invitations, and served three years in the Navy.

Back home Tsarev was not invited to the cinema. He worked as both a janitor, a watchman, and an ice cream salesman.

Summing up the

new interest in the work of Vyacheslav Valentinovich arose in the nineties. Journalists found it at the plant where “boy with sachk” worked as a worker. A big article was written about how the fate of a young actor.


was not easy to add up and personal life of celebrity. Immediately after the army Tsarev married. His choice was a metrdotel of one of the restaurants of the capital. The union broke up after five years, did not contribute to the preservation of the relationship even the appearance of The second wife, Lyudmila, a dispatcher by profession, remained close until the last days of Vyacheslav Valentinovich’s life.

The last years of his life the artist lived in Butovo. He helped stray animals, cared for people in trouble. In the memory of many, he remained a man with an infinitely kind soul. From life the entertainer retired in 2006, on June 28.

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