Vyacheslav Shishkov: brief biography

Childhood and adolescence

 Sociologists and psychologists are well aware that the foundations of character in a child are laid in the family. Relationships that reign in the cell of society influence the behavior of a person further. Vyacheslav Yakovlevich Shishkov came to light on October 3, 1873 in a merchant family. At that time, the parents lived in the small town of Bezhetsk, Tver Governorate. His father, a merchant of the third guild, owned a shop where tools, kerosene, fabrics and other goods needed in the peasant economy were sold. The mother, as was customary in those days, was doing household chores and raising children.

The future writer became the first child of nine. The eldest son has always had hopes for the future and specific responsibilities at the moment. During his childhood years, Slava was mostly with his mother and grandmother. The father spent from morning to evening at work to bring down the balance of income and spending. On the basar days, the senior of the kids helped him. Trading started early, from five o’clock in the morning. Grandmother from an early age introduced Shishkov to reading. When the boy was identified in a real school, he in one year read all the books that were available on the library shelves.

Proceedings and days

After graduating from the school with honors in 1887, Shishkov entered the building college, which was in the city of Vyshniy Volochok From the early days, the young man proved himself a capable and diligent student. After his third year, he was sent to a construction practice in Novgorod Governorate and later to Vologda. The young specialist took part in dam construction and land reclamation activities. In 1892 Vyacheslav Yakovlevich receives a diploma of technician and direction to work in Vologda. The first project, which Shishkov performed brilliantly, was route surveys of the fairway of the Pinega River.

In 1894 Shishkov achieved a direction to the Siberian city of Tomsk. He spent two years exploring the Ob River. After that he received promotion and already headed research parties in the basins of different rivers. He worked on Irtysh, Katuni, Bia, Yenisei, Angar. On Podkamennaya Tungusk, the party under the direction of Shishkov for one season carried out a survey and an instrumental survey to determine the navigability of the river for one and a half thousand versts. While working in the “field”, the engineer and supervisor kept detailed records of the events held and his personal impressions.


recognition and personal life

of the

regular writing work Shishkov began to engage in in 1913. A cycle of three stories was published by the Tomsk city newspaper. In 1916, the writer moved to Petrograd, printed the first collection of travel notes “Siberian Skaz”. Vyacheslav Yakovlevich met the October revolution warily. The first novel that brought him fame was called “Wataga”. In the early 30s saw the light of the novel “Eel River”.

Shishkov was awarded the Orders of Lenin and the “Badge of Honor” for his active literary and social activities. The writer’s personal life has developed. He tried to start a family three times, in vain. The writer died after a prolonged illness in March 1945. He was buried at Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow.

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