Vladimir Vetrov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Early biography

Vladimir Vetrov was born in 1932. Nothing is known about the early years of his life and education. Around the 1950s, he began service in the KGB of the USSR and was a fairly effective employee, having served to the rank of colonel. In 1965, Vetrov was sent to France for the first time to carry out undercover scientific and technical intelligence. For French citizens, he appeared in the image of a Soviet engineer and trade representative.

Vetrov established relations with the electronic equipment manufacturer Thomson CSF and began gradually transmit the received information to the Soviet side. Over time, Vladimir came into the attention of French intelligence, which established surveillance on him. Once a spy, while intoxicated, crashed a service car. There was a tense situation. This was used by French intelligence officials, offering to keep the incident secret in exchange for some information.

Betrayal and espionage

In the mid-70s Vladimir Vetrov was removed from operational service in the KGB by unknown persons reasons, but retained a position with access to secret scientific and technical data of the Soviet government. In 1981, the idea of capitalizing on information came to him, and he contacted old French acquaintances from intelligence, suggesting already long-term cooperation.

Vetrov began to actively “drain” NATO information, acting under the secret nickname “Farewell”. In total, some 4,000 documents were handed over to them, including 250 Soviet spy officers operating around the world; 450 intelligence officers collecting scientific and technical information; $ objectives and achievements of the Soviet government scientific and technical program.$

Disclosure and further fate The

windbreaker had a reasonably windy personal life: he had no wife, and a family to create he also didn’t aspire. With money, the criminal preferred to change women as gloves. In 1982, he lost his guard and accidentally killed his mistress while drinking alcohol with her in a car. Sounds of struggle were heard by the police officer who appeared nearby. The spy had to kill him as well to get rid of the witness and not be arrested. The militia began an investigation and soon came out on Vetrov, after which he was detained. Initially, the perpetrator was tried solely for murders, he was deprived of all military ranks and imprisoned in a maximum security colony for 15 years.

Already in 1984, Vladimir Vetrov’s involvement in international espionage came to light, and KGB officers joined the case. A retrial took place, and this time the offender was sentenced to death. On 23 February 1985 he was shot. The name of the spy for a long time appeared in mass culture, and in 2009 there was the release of the French film “Farewell Affair”, the role of Vetrov in which was sung by Emir Kusturica.

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