Vladimir Tatosov: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 Vladimir Tatosov appeared on May 10, 1926. His hometown is Moscow, but he grew up in Baku. Vladimir Mikhailovich was educated at the Special School of the Air Force of Sverdlovsk. As a cadet, Tatosov took part in self-activity. Vladimir’s talent became immediately visible. Management recommended that he pursue an acting career. Tatosov entered the Sverdlovsk Theatre School, where he was admitted to the second year.

The actor also studied acting in the theatre studio at the Drama Theatre of Sverdlovsk. In the 1940s and 1950s Vladimir worked at the Leningrad Comedy Theatre and the Leningrad Theatre named after M. Lenin Komsomol. In 1963, he was invited to the Bolshoi Academic Drama Theatre. Tatosov worked at Lenfilm and St. Petersburg Academic Comedy Theatre. N. N. Akimov. Vladimir not only stars in films, but also deals with duplication of foreign paintings. In addition, he discovered a writing talent and published an autobiography.



began his career

to star in movies in the middle of the 20th century. In 1954, he was given a small role as a reporter in “The Big Family”. It’s a drama about a dynasty of builders. The painting tells stories of different generations. The film was a runner-up at the Cannes Film Festival. In 1958, Tatosova could be seen as Gotsa in the film “In the Days of October”. The main roles in the biographical drama were performed by Vladimir Chestnokov, Leonid Lubashevsky, Adolf Shestakov and Andro Kobaladze. In the same year Vladimir played in the military historical painting “Kochubey”. The film was shown in the USSR and Hungary. The director of the film is Yuri Ozerov. The actor then got a role in the adventure family film “Guys from the Gunner”. The story tells about teenagers who to collect scrap metal decided to lift a barge from the bottom of the river.

In 1961, Tatosov played Zhora in the adventure painting “Twelve Companions”. According to the scenario, the liner goes off the air track due to weather conditions. He has to sit among the glaciers. Vladimir later starred as Khachyan in the film “The Way to the Arena”. The protagonist of the comedy dreams of becoming a clown. The actor went on to play in the Soviet comedy “Monsieur Jacques and Others”. The film’s directors are Rachia Kaplanyan, Henrikh Malyan and Henrikh Markaryan. Then there were film roles in “The Promise of Happiness” and “Roman Stories”.

In 1966, Tatosov appeared in the film “Today Is a New Attraction”. It’s a comedy about circus artists. That same year, he played a commissioner in the historical drama “The First Visitor”. The story tells how a peasant sought justice during the period of the interim government. He gets help from Lenin. Later Vladimir could be seen in the historical drama “Tatianin Day”. The plot is set around a working youth organization. Tatosov’s character is Sverdlov.


Vladimir played one of the main characters in the drama “The Sixth of July”. The action comes during a tipping point for the country. Tatosov’s character is Sverdlov. He then got a role in the 1968 film “Intervention”. His hero is Ishkiki. The main role in the adventure drama was won by the famous Vladimir Vysotsky. This musical historical picture has long been banned from censorship. The story is based on a play by L. Slavina. The film was screened in the USSR, the UK and Hungary. Tatosov was then invited to play the role of Evans in the historical drama “The Crash”. The film was screened in the USSR, Hungary and Germany. In 1969, the film tape “A Time of Happy Finds” was released, where the actor was given the role of a mathematics teacher. The family comedy tells of a boy with a cheerful temper and a raucous fantasy.

In the historical drama “Death of Vazir-Mukhtar” about the life of Alexander Griboyedov, Tatosov played Nesselrode. In 1970, he could be seen as Sverdlova in the painting “The Kotsyubinski Family”. The military melodrama tells of a public figure and writer, as well as the fate of his family. Soon the film “Envoys of Eternity” was released, where Tatosov was once again reincarnated as a Russian revolutionary. In the painting “Salute, Mary!” Vladimir played Ignacio Muriez. The action takes place in southern Russia during times of civil war. The story tells the story of a Russian woman’s love for a foreign sailor. The actor performed the role of Yakov Mikhailovich Sverdlov in the 1970 dramas “Heart of Russia” and “Train to Tomorrow” and in the 1971 film “Black Crumbs”.

Tatosov later played in the film “Fight After Victory”. In the same year, he was reincarnated as Sergei Alexandrovich in the film “Grandmaster”. In this picture Vladimir was the organizer of the simultaneous game session. In 1973, the actor was invited for the role of Tyklinsky in the miniseries “The Collapse of Engineer Garin In the same year he played in the films “Wedding”, “Broken Horseshoe”, and in the next he appeared in films “Xenia, Fyodor’s Favorite Wife”, “Straw Hatter”, “Parcel for Svetlana”. 1975 brought Tatosov to Tatosov roles in the films “Trust”, “Love at First Sight”.

In 1976, he could be seen as Samarina in “The Magic Circle”. The following year, he played Zharkov in the film “Golden Eagle’s Last Year”. Vladimir was then invited to film tapes “Late Meeting” and “Interrupted Serenade”. He was given the role of Terentiev in the miniseries picture “The Profitable Contract”. In the miniseries “Karl Marx: The Young Years”, Tatosov appeared as Bernstein. In 1980, the actor played Reilly in “The Collapse of Operation Terror” and Zherkin in “The Mysterious Old Man”. After 2 years, he could be seen in the role of Semenya in the painting “The Mystery of the Ship Clock”. Vladimir was then given the role of Hakobyan Suren Georgievich in the drama “I’ll Never Forget You”. In 1984, the actor played in 2 films — “Lone Commercialist’s Win” and “No Family”. In 1986, he starred in the drama “Jaguar”. His character was the head of a military training institution.

In the detective “Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Twentieth Century Begins”, Tatosov was given the role of Baron von Herling, and in the film “Your Special Correspondent” the role of Badi Samoilă. In 1987, the painting “Gobsek” was released, in which Vladimir received the title role. He then appeared in the image of Jakov Davydovich in the 1988 television picture “Fortieth Day”. In the same year, he starred as Don Cesare in the film “The Story of One Billiard Team”. Next were roles in the films “Light Personality”, “Katolajka”, “Whom Prison Cries…”, “And the Damn With Us!” and Félix Syské Bureau. In 1994, Vladimir played Captain Gerard in the adventure painting “Empire of Pirates”. After 2 years, he could be seen in the film “Scar”. Next, the actor was invited to film tapes “The Story of Richard, Milord and the Beautiful Firebird”, “Bad Habit” and “Bird of Happiness”. Tatosov played in the well-known series “National Security Agent”, “Slaughter Force”, “Bandit Petersburg 3: Collapse of Antibiotic”, “Memories of Sherlock Holmes”, “Streets of Broken Lanterns 5″, “Agent National Security 5” and “The True History of the Rzhevsky Guarantee”.

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