Vladimir Sukhanov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Biography Facts. Childhood

Vladimir Sukhanov was born on November 27, 1948 in the city of Ufa of the Bashkir ASSR — then that was called Bashkortostan. From childhood the boy began to show musical abilities, and when his father noticed it, then from each receipt began to buy his son gramplates with recordings of classical, folk and Soviet pop. music. Since then Sukhanov became fond of Russian, Bashkir and other folk songs, and knew the repertoire of popular domestic singers well. The musician is very grateful to his father for instilling his love for music and developing his musical horizons.

At the age of nine, Volodya Sukhanov came to study in music school №3 of the city of Ufa. Initially, the boy was admitted to the violin class, the violinist teacher quit, and Vladimir was distributed to the class of the bayan to the teacher Vlasov Vladimir Konstantinovich. Until the third grade, Volodya did not stand out from a group of other students, and then, according to Vlasov, literally “pop” — made a huge leap in his musical development, becoming later one of the of the best graduates.

Becoming a professional musician

After graduating from music school and receiving secondary education, Vladimir Sukhanov entered the Ufi School of Arts, where he was a teacher on class of bayan was L. K. Akhtyamova. In 1968 Sukhanov graduated from the school and entered the UGIY—Ufa State Institute of Arts, the diploma of which he received in 1973. At the Institute Vladimir was engaged in a specialty with the outstanding bayanist and teacher Vyacheslav Filippovich Belyakov, the class of orchestral conducting was conducted by Valery Konstantinovich Moiseev, also magnificent bayanist.

After graduating from the institute, Vladimir Sukhanov’s musical education briefly interrupted: he was called to serve in the ranks of the Soviet Army, serving in Yakutia from 1973 to 1974. And returning to professional activity, he entered and in 1978 graduated from a performing assistance-internship at the Gnessin State Medical Research Institute (now Russian Academy of Music). Professor Anatoly Alexeyevich Surkov.

Thanks to creative communication with such mayors of Bayan art, as Belyakov, Moiseev, Surkov, Vladimir Sukhanov received a brilliant education both as a virtuoso performer and as a conductor of the orchestra folk instruments, and as an educator.

Performing activities The

performance activity of Vladimir Pavlovich Sukhanov is incredibly active and is manifold. Shortly after returning from the army, he came to work at the Bashkir State Philharmonic after Husain Akhmetov — first as concertmaster and later as soloist (since 1975). The young talented musician began to delegate to all sorts of all-union and international competitions and festivals, from where he invariably brought diplomas and awards: so, he performed at the competition of young Bayanists of the Volga region, at the famous annual International competition in the German city of Klingenthal “Days of Harmonica”, at the competition and festival in Saratov, dedicated to the work of the unsighted Bayanist Ivan Yakovlevich Panitsky et al. Sukhanov became a regular participant in the so-called Aksakov movement, festivals “Musical Necklace of the Urals”, where he performed both solo and as part of various concert groups.

Sukhanov’s touring activities were equally intense and intense: he visited countries such as Germany, $ Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Mongolia — and this is a far incomplete list, not to mention touring the cities of the USSR.

In 1975, Vladimir Sukhanov’s strong creative alliance with another talented bayanist — Rajap Yunusovich Shaikhutdinov. At first the musicians formed a duo, then from 1988 they were joined by Valery Alexeyevich Bashenev (until 1994), and in 1996 formed a trio of Ufim Bayanists composed of Vladimir Sukhanov, Rajap Shaikhutdinov and his pupil Oleg Melnikov.

Vladimir Sukhanov also performed as a soloist with such groups as the ensemble “Native songs”, the orchestra “Tagilskie” harmonics”, the ensemble of folk instruments “Zabava”, the ensemble “Metelitsa”, created by Sukhanov himself at the UGII, etc. The merits of Vladimir Pavlovich Sukhanov as a Bayanist-performer were appreciated by the state: in 1984 he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan, in 1995 — Honored Artist Russia, and in 2015 — People’s Artist of Bashkortostan. In December 2016 Vladimir Sukhanov and Rajap Shaikhutdinov received “Silver Discs”, an award established by the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography of Russia within the framework of the International Music Bayan and Bayanists festival.


was recorded by Sukhanov and at the studio of the recording: in the late 1980s, three records were released at the company “Melody”, where Vladimir Sukhanov accompanies Idrisa Gazieva, a famous Bashkir singer and his good friend.

Interesting fact of the biography: at the beginning of Vladimir Sukhanov’s professional performing career, in 1976, he had a luxury bayan brand “Jupiter”. Since then, the musician does not part with his instrument, carefully cared for with the constant help and support of the adjuster Vasily Ivanovich Frogzov.

Pedagogical activity

Vladimir Sukhanov made an invaluable contribution to the development of domestic pedagogy performing in bayan. The musician started teaching at the UGII — the institute, which Sukhanov himself graduated, immediately upon his return from the army — in 1974. Teaching career of the musician has developed progressively: having received a position of senior lecturer in 1980, in 1990 he became an associate professor, and in 1995 he became a professor at the Department of Folk Instruments. In 2006, Sukhanov was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Music of the Ufa Institute (Academy) of Arts.

During his years of teaching, Sukhanov trained a pleiade of brilliant performers on the bayan as well as accordion. Among them — A. Gataullin, A. Bariev, R. Sagitov, M. Ostapenko and many other honored musicians. All students speak incredibly warmly about their teacher, call him a man with a capital letter, an educator who knows how to find an approach to each ward, regardless of his level of giftedness. He never raises a voice on students, is able to find the right and understandable words to motivate a successful job.

Sukhanov also contributed to the scientific and methodical branch of musical pedagogy: he is the author, author, editor more than twenty methodological manuals, programs, reinvestments for execution in Bayan, chrestomatii and other works.

Personal life

Friends, colleagues and students of Vladimir Sukhanov characterize him as a man of incredible modesty who doesn’t like to talk about himself. Perhaps that is why Sukhanov does not advertise his personal life: there is no information about the presence of his family – wife, children. On social networks in friends Sukhanov has musicians and residents of Ufa Pavel Sukhanov and Alexander Sukhanov; we can assume that these are relatives of Vladimir Pavlovich, probably sons.

It is also known that in his spare time the musician is fond of fishing – this was told by his student and friend Linar Davletbayev, now a hudruk and chief conductor of Molodezhny symphony orchestra and the National Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Bashkortostan.

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