Vladimir Solovyov: a brief biography

Vladimir Solovyov was born on October 20, 1963 into a family of historians. In many ways this explains his excellent knowledge of historical events of our country. Many of his opponents were smashed in fluff and ashes precisely when trying to argue with him on a historical topic. More often than not, it ends with the retreat of Soloviev’s interlocutor.

Vladimir started his activities on radio and television already in 1997. By this time Vladimir, was already quite the accomplished businessman who built the capital on the production and sale of disco equipment. Successful business was sold to them, and the received money profitably invested, which brought him financial independence.

While working in television Solovyov began running the show’s political current. Such as “To the Barrier” and “The Duel.” The plot was that people with diametrically opposed opinions entered the verbal duel, and television viewers acted as judges.

 Over the years of conducting such broadcasts there have been several scandals and even lawsuits against the host. More often than not, he was accused of taking the viewpoint of one party.

As a man of Jewish nationality, Solovyov calls himself a true Russian and Russian citizen, and he never hides his civic position. For his statements to people who allow themselves Russophobic speeches, the liberal part of society considers Vladimir Solovyov its clear enemy.

Leading broadcasts on radio or television Solovyov rarely holds back in emotion. This applies not only to individual citizens, but to entire organizations. In 2014, students of the Faculty of Political Science of HSE were highly offended. He called this faculty a place where group of terrorists and the maydan underground is brought up. Judging by the statements of some teachers of this educational institution, it is not so far from the truth.

It came from Solovyov and actress Yulia Mikhalkova, during her campaign in 2016, in the Sverdlovsk region. Her slogan is “I can follow myself, I can and the country!” was criticized by Solovyov in his inherent manner. “Well go, Bastrykin work, and better the head of the FSB. You watch yourself, you will watch everyone, you will lead counter-terrorism activities.” After such criticism Mikhalkov withdrew her candidacy.

Now Vladimir hosts a program on TV channel Russia 1 “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”, works a lot on radio, and also conducts streams on Yutyub. Works much and infatuated than causes genuine fury among his opponents. They can’t boast such success.

It is possible to treat Soloviev differently as a person, but as a high-class specialist he has proved repeatedly his composure. Well, watching his broadcasts or not – business business. Judging by the reaction of society, even irreconcilable opponents watch him.

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