Vladimir Shchukin: biography, creativity, career, personal life

In the work of Vladimir Vsevolodovich Shchukin there was also work as a sound engineer in the theater “Romen”, and playing on the theater tracks on Taganka. The composer, poet and performer is also known as the founder of the ensemble “Last Chance” and the author of great works for children.

The path to calling


biography of a future celebrity began in 1954. The baby came to light in Moscow on April 8. Creative abilities the boy differed from childhood, composed poems. As a seventh grader, he wrote the first songs.

After school, the graduate decided to receive education in the capital theater art and technical school. His student became a young man in 1972. However, in 1975 he received a diploma from Lomonosov Institute of Fine Chemical Technology, renamed later the Metropolitan University of Technology, MITHT.

In the seventies, the novice lycée founded the ensemble “Last Chance”, characterized by pioneering creativity. The compositions performed by the group struck with humor, kindness and amazing clarity. The ensemble quickly gained popularity. Children were invited to television, they participated in children’s programs. “Scientist with passion”, “KOAPP”, “ABVGDEIKA”, “Lukomorye”.

The collective took part in recordings of radio productions and acted in films. Shchukin played in paintings “Skomorokhi”, “He”, “Comet”, participated in TV programs.

Despite the busy activity, the musician did not stop writing songs. He always believed that his calling was to be a composer. He used both his and foreign texts. In his repertoire there is a splendid cycle on poems of the “silver age” poets, songs for children. Execution the author calls secondary.

According to the musician, for him the source of inspiration is already the text itself. At the first look at it, music is born in the head. Vladimir Vsevolodovich joked that he doesn’t perform songs himself because he forgets the words. That’s why he gives the works to other singers. Shchukin believes that music goes from the heart, only then real creativity is possible.


The author became a laureate of the capital and Grushin festivals of Author’s Song, took part in the ensemble festival held in Pushchino, and in the Novosibirsk Orthodox Film Festival “In the circle of family.” Shchukin presided over the jury of the children’s and youth song competition.

It was he who suggested not to leave the participants, so as not to leave without support of young performers. According to the musician, young people are too vulnerable, and the mood and interest of the public is very variable. Let not all their works be perfect, but it is not a reason for them to interrupt their competitions.

The composer decided to show his works in the eighties to professionals at the conservatory. Professors highly appreciated the potential of the author, but recommended that he master the technical side of the composition. Vladimir Vsevolodovich settled down with the library of the conservatory to attend lectures as a free listener.

Work then began on the first album, “Early in the Century”. It turned out to be completely unaccustomed then format. And the author’s creativity has become unique since its release. The music was not on-screen, but neither was Bardovish.

The collection “After the rain the heavens are spacious” is distinguished by a kind energy attracting fans. At the core of all songs sung by Elena Kamburova – figurative poetry. Especially striking is the written on poems of Maximilian Voloshin “Venice”. The composer masterfully conveyed with the help of notes the intonation and waning beauty of patterned buildings and carved facades against the backdrop of the city’s scarlet sunset on the water.

New peaks

In his disc “Songs on poems of poets of the silver age”, published in 2009, works of poets and “silver” and “golden” ages are used. The author penetratively and expertly conveys to listeners the grandeur and beauty of classical Russian poetry.

The Encyclopedia of Author’s Song includes his work on Yesenin’s poems “Kaliki”, and the 100 best romances included the composition “Red Brush” on the words of Marina Tsvetaeva.

Children’s works, fairy tales and poems are especially distinguished in the author’s work. They are very liked by young listeners who do not tolerate falshi and “shusukanya”. The writer has the striking gift of bringing joy to the heart of the child. There is no moralization, ostentatious edification in his works. Programs “By the Pike Cord” and “Boys About Beasts” kids are asked to repeat again and again. Also popular are “Cheer Tim”, “Shoe Ship”, “Surprise” and “Kolobok”.


musician’s personal life was happily developed as well. He does not like to advertise his family, but he is known to be married. A daughter grew up in the family. She pleased her parents with three granddaughters and two grandchildren.

Vladimir Vsevolodovich wrote music for the rock opera “Boyish-Kibalchish”, the musical “Knight of the Scarlet Cloak”, the cartoons “Scelo-Myauchelo”, “Stupid Horse”, “Princess and Cannibal”. Shchukin is a Moscow historian, he drives tours around the capital.

Plans and prospects

Do not stop composer and creative activities. A CD of the band’s songs “Last Chance”, two audio cassettes by the composer, was released. He took part in a folklore expedition through Pskovshchina. Shchukin heads artistic self-activity in the Moscow village of Molodi.

They staged a unique performance based on the work of Leonid Filatov. It was in her that the director and actor managed to perfectly reproduce the classic tale. History teaches life, overcoming complexities together. And the ability to be a real family. It is the author of the production who calls the most important skill. Since Shchukin was an actor of the Theatre on Taganka, the play is accompanied by songs of Vysotsky, as a memory of his work.

The musician performs both solo and as part of ensembles, engaged in charity work. He heads the capital branch of the Native Ash Foundation.

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