Vladimir Saveliev: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Short biography

 Saveliev Vladimir Pavlovich was born in. Stalin, today it is the city of Donetsk in Ukraine. Date of birth — November 15, 1946 Parents are cultural workers. His father is Pavel Trofimovich Saveliev, his mother is Asmolov Aleksandra Ilyinichna. Both were associated with theatre and acting. The family was large. At school, Vladimir was distinguished by writing writings in literature lessons in verse form. While serving in the army, in his spare time he wrote songs under his guitar.

In 1973. Vladimir received a diploma of teacher, graduating from the Faculty of Philology of Donetsk University. It didn’t come to music education, wrote from the heart. Everything worked out well with no notes and no ability to play the synthesizer.

Successful creative beginning

At the dawn of V. Saveliev sang in Donetsk restaurants, bars and kabaks. He took part in private parties and banquets of famous people. His songs were liked, and he understood that it was time to rise higher and achieve success on Moscow stages. By then Vladimir had a decent number of songs. He wanted to be widely appreciated and loved.

In the mid-70s Vladimir came to Moscow. It was not possible to collaborate with composers. There were first failures. But V. Asmolov still found a creative track and gradually went to success.

I met Alla Iopshe and Stakhan Rakhimov and worked with them for a while. In Moscow Vladimir was recognized under the pseudonym “Asmolov”. During this period, the song “Dancefloor” appeared.

In 1986 Vladimir released the first album “Girls Venereochki”. According to the names of the songs it is clear that then excited the singer. First and second love, Liang’s girlfriend. Youth, falling in love, feelings and girls are the natural state of the young author.

In 1989. IN. Asmolov began to give concerts. By then, many songs had already been written and several albums collected:

About the album “Tin Soul”

The album turned out as a collection of game, light, joke songs that were not looked in albums with lyrical songs. The song “Racketmen” came to mind under the influence of an article in the “Literary Gazette”. The author of the article Shchekochikhin wrote about the fate of athletes who left from the sports arena. They are often left out of business. Thinking on this topic connected with racketeering events in the country of that time, and there was an interesting song “Racketmen”.

About the album “Nostalgia”

Songs in the album are collected on the subject of political, economic and social unrest in Russia. It is the only album of such themes in V. Asmolova. More to such songs he did not return, and recently went deeply into the lyrics. “Insomnia” and “Boredom” – songs that Vladimir especially highlights. They have everything that is dear and close to him in this life. He recalls how often they were sung at live concerts, and regrets that these concerts were not recorded on video. Now he will never be able to sing them as sensually as he sang in the late 80s. Asmolov is often stipulated that he is not a professional singer. He doesn’t know how to fix a once written note and phrase, so every song is improvisation and expromt.

About “American Album”

In 1991, “American Album” was released. It was recorded and consolidated in America, on Manhattan in one night. The album was created under the impressions of visiting America. Some songs were written in Russia and they convey the feelings of people who were considered emigrants. After all, during the collapse of the Soviet Union, many citizens of Kazakhstan and the Baltic States and other republics felt like emigrants.

About the song “Katya-Katerina”

Katya is a real girl who studied with Vladimir at Donetsk University. There is an idea in the song, says Asmolov, but the suicide of the girl is true. The song drew mixed reactions from some of Vladimir’s acquaintances and colleagues, but the song remained a song. Not all songs, according to Asmolov, should be positive and fabulous. You won’t go anywhere from the life truth.

About the song “Woman Autumn”

Song-recollection of student crush, about the inevitability of former breakup. Years later comes remorse and desire to change everything to get forgiveness. But in life all its time, and however combustible, and autumn always comes after summer. And the return of former feelings is impossible, and it remains to come to terms with their loss.

About the song “Autumn of Life”

The appearance of the song is amazing and connected with the former wife — Olga. She worked at the Yu Circus. Nikulina secretary. Then Nikulin needed a song about closing the old circus, and he told Asmolov about it. In the text written then there were such lines: “Thank you circus for your holiday, a short date with a dream…” Later Vladimir redid the words and turned out the song “Autumn of life”. This song accompanies Asmolov to this day and is for him the main song of his life.

About Vladimir Vysotsky

Song of V. Vysotsky on a special account at V. Asmolova. With the love of them began the true creation of music. During his life he did not meet Vysotsky, about which he sings in the song “Dedication of V. Vysotsky”. Asmolov’s repertoire has many songs on Vysotsky’s poems. And if you now view the very first performances of Asmolov, you can find some similarities in the manner of performance of the songs. Each line of the song is imbued with the hope of meeting Vladimir Semenovich and the desire to sing “favorite poems” with him.

A little bit about love or…

buddies in life Vladimir is a lot, but he can’t call them friends. There were quite a few women who caused falling in love, too. Lena, Liana, Larisa, Lyudmila… As many songs with female names, so many times he has experienced a love-like feeling.

There was a wife, Olga. There is a grown son — Paul, who does sound recording. Helps him in arranging songs. There’s a daughter, Sasha, who he can’t see. She lives in Germany with her mother in another family, and Vladimir doesn’t see any sense yet to make life difficult for her little daughter.

“ Thank you life for your holiday…”

So wrote V. Asmolov in his favorite song. He is truly grateful to destiny for everything: for the opportunity to create, for all experienced feelings, for great children, for the happiness of being recognized, for the love of fans. He is happy for never needing or needing a material plan. He can afford a studio apartment in Thailand and a vacation in Israel. All he needs is the sea, the air, his favorite music and songs with which he travels to individual work concerts, and the light in people’s eyes at his concerts.

The singer’s discography is imposing, as is his seniority on stage. IN. Asmolov often says and laughs that colleagues make fun of how his albums do not have time to replicate.

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