Vladimir Mishin: biography, creativity, career, personal life


Now Vladimir Gerasimovich is 79 years old. He doesn’t see well already, so he doesn’t draw. But still goes to his workshop every day, sometimes even sleeps there.

A future famous artist was born in a small village. Vladimir was brought up in an incomplete family. He lost his father early, so he loved watching his friend Misha’s dad work. Comrade’s father was a joiner. Vladimir often came to watch this professional work. Then the boy would come home and make such planes out of wood, which were very similar to reduced copies of real ones.

The boy started drawing early. At the age of 13, he was creating an outline in a notebook he carried with him.

As Vladimir Gerasimovich told, having seen someone of children in the yard, he planted them on a shop and painted portraits of these children.

When the boy was in tenth grade, he was offered to teach drawing. And he was practically a beginner of those for whom he became a teacher. After finishing school and receiving secondary education, Vladimir went to Leningrad to enter art school. But the youngster was struck by failure. Before that, the guy watched the movie “Surikov”, then he acted as that great artist. Vladimir Gerasimovich Mishin also vowed to himself that he would do, and ultimately he succeeded.


When the young man still entered Mukhin Art School, he was the only one to receive five. When Vladimir was 22 years old, he bought his first job. The painting was called “Tatarochka”.

Young artists were allocated 400 rubles in order that they could hire models for drawing. As Vladimir Gerasimovich told then, he came to the studio “Lenfilm” to find women. There was no cull from wanting to make such money. So Vladimir slowly called some girl to paint her. He also said that at the same time 10 naked women could walk around his workshop. He taught them drawing, and they, not to pay for it, posed.


Somehow Vladimir Mishin arrived after vacations home to a hostel. Suddenly he was detained and taken to St. Petersburg prison. He sat there for three days. Then it cleared up. His comrade forged passports, and as Mishin adopted in artistic works the manner of this friend, thought that Vladimir Gerasimovich was engaged in forgery of documents.


The famous Chelyabinsk mosaic panel he and a friend made for a year, and before that Mishin invented the project 4 of the year. As a result, he chose the most economical option.
For this mosaic at the plant poured 40 tons of basalt. This material was then carried by train and unloaded, and the artists were not told. When Mishin and a friend came to this place, they saw that basalt was not enough. Then with difficulty they managed to arrange to bring in the missing material.

Panno artists did throughout 1976 — from early morning to late night.

One fragment of such a mosaic weighed 100 kg, so the artists had to uneasily.
Asked if Mishin had tried drawing on the computer, he said that he had enough to know a couple of buttons on the phone, and modern computer technologies are not interesting to the artist.

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