Vladimir Kopylov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Early biography of Vladimir Kopylov-Friske

 Vladimir Borisovich Kopylov was born July 13, 1952 of the year (according to the zodiacal horoscope he is Cancer, and according to the Chinese Dragon). Vladimir Borisovich’s childhood was held in the village Progressive, Odessa region. Ukraine. The boy’s family lived poor, his mother Paulina Velgemovna Friske was born on January 9, 1925 first worked on the farm, and later worked as a waitress, cook, administrator in a local hotel.

In wartime Paulina Velgemovna was held captive by the Germans, and after 10 years lived in Kostroma. Nothing is unknown about the father of Vladimir Borisovich, the man never spoke about the parent in the interviews. Vladimir Borisovich was a versatile child, he tried to help his mother around the house, was passionate, creative personality sometimes, arranged house concerts, performing songs of the war years for loved ones. Nationally, Vladimir is German, as is his mother. Surname Friske of German origin, the man took it when his eldest daughter Jeanne was beginning a career as a singer.

Student years and the creation of a family of Vladimir Kopylov-Friske

During the

student years Vladimir Borisovich tried to reach his full creative potential, was a soloist in a musical group, played in a student theater, tried himself as a director of various productions. Singing liked him most and at one of the performances, he met his future wife Olga, born on May 1, 1951 in the city of Shumikha, Kurgan region. The wife of Vladimir Borisovich in one interview admitted that she fell in love with a young, talented and multifaceted young man at first sight, she immediately understood that with such a man it is possible to create a family for all life. Vladimir Borisovich adored to perform on stage, he skillfully combined family and work.

When the man was 22 years old, on July 08, 1974 his eldest daughter Jeanne came to light, the baby was born seven months old and her twin brother died shortly after birth, but grief did not break the family but only strengthened the relationship between the couple. Vladimir Borisovich from the earliest childhood instilled his daughter love for music, the girl grew up incredibly beautiful, charismatic and artistic, loving father of soul did not wish in heiress, and later, she called him the main support, the defense, the guardian angel.

Zhanna repeatedly admitted that she inherited from her father, not only talent, but also persistent character, sense of humor and vitality. On April 21, 1986 in the Kopylovy-Friske family there was a replenishment on light appeared the youngest daughter Natalia, having grown up the girl will try to follow in the footsteps of her sister, but will soon leave the famous group “Shiny”. Now Natalia spends most of her time in Sri Lanka, doing the restaurant business. Little Natasha from childhood began to show an interest in creativity, from her early years she attended music school, her father often took her daughters to creative events and developed their singing talent. In 1992 Vladimir Borisovich decided to leave creative activities and took up business.

The birth of a grandson and the main loss in the life of Vladimir Borisovich

In 2011 on the filming of the program “Domain of the Republic” Jeanne Friske met popular TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, the pair hid the relationship for a long time, but in one interview Jeanne admitted it was love at first sight. The couple almost immediately started living together, and in 2012 on the filming of the video “Forever” to the word, the work became the last in the singer’s career became known about the singer’s pregnancy, according to the media to become pregnant the executor succeeded thanks to IVF procedure.$

During her late pregnancy, Jeanne learned of her horrific diagnosis – brain cancer – but made the decision to bear and deliver the baby. Vladimir Borisovich’s only grandson Platon, was born on April 7, 2013 in Miami. The godmother of the boy became a close friend of the Kopylovy-Friske family Olga Orlova. Shortly after the birth of her son Jeanne began to suffer severe headaches, the cancer developed very quickly. In 2014, fundraising for the singer’s treatment was announced, several million rubles were raised, some of the money went to charity. The Kopylovy-Friske family repeatedly thanked everyone who responded and supported them in the fight against the disease.

Unfortunately, the treatment did not help June 15, 2015 Jeanne did not become a tragedy was a huge blow for the family, because despite stage 4 cancer, they believed in the best. Farewell to the singer was held at Crocus City Hall to say goodbye to the popular singer came several million people. Jeanne’s funeral took place on 18 June at the Nikolo-Arkhangelsky Cemetery. Soon the Kopylovy-Friske family admitted that their youngest daughter Natalia was expecting a child, but due to strong experiences she had a miscarriage.

Struggle for the only grandson and debt of RusfondAfter


death of Jeanne Rusfond demanded to pay back the debt of 21 million. roubles. However, Vladimir Borisovich and his family had no idea where this money disappeared. A series of years of legal proceedings began and only after 4 years, the court decided that the singer’s family should pay back the debt on their own. Concerned friends and fans of the singer helped pensioners pay off debt, parents had to give part of the family estate. It is known that Jeanne’s son’s father prevents her family from seeing the child believing that they have mental problems and may harm the child. Although, the court found that the singer’s parents had the right to see the grandson as well as take part in his upbringing.

As now lives Vladimir Borisovich Kopylov

Most recently the man underwent heart surgery, health problems arose after the death of their daughter. Now Vladimir Borisovich is engaged in charity, helps cancer sufferers, he became a frequent guest of TV shows, where he tells about what his family had to survive. Known to be planning to release a book in memory of his daughter, he is very hopeful that the singer’s civil husband will allow them to see his grandson. Inconsolable parents are helped by daughter Natalia, she often visits them and dreams to give relatives another grandson.

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