Vladimir Kachan: a brief biography

Starting conditions

According to the memories of relatives and friends, Vladimir Andreevich Kachan grew up a painful child. He showed symptoms of tuberculosis and even rickets. Externally, he was thick and unswerving. The parents took every possible action to strengthen the boy’s health. Showing it to experienced doctors, buying expensive and scarce drugs. Similar procedures continued until the time when the teenager made an independent decision – to sign up to the athletics section. A year later, he took first place in 60 metres running in the school’s championship.

The future actor of theatre and cinema came to light on 18 May 1947 in the family of a serviceman. The parents at that time lived in the Far Eastern city of Ussuriysk. When Vladimir was five years old, his father was transferred to a new duty station in Riga on the Baltic Sea coast. When age approached, the boy was enrolled in high school with a technical bias. Fate was so pleased that Vladimir Kachan and Mikhail Zadornov got into the same class. The friendship between the two developed from the early school days and continued until advanced age.

On the stage and at the writing table

Already in the school dock Kachan began to actively attend classes in the theater studios. He played various roles in amateur plays. Beginning in seventh grade he attended vocal classes at the city’s Palace of Pioneers. Unsurprisingly, after receiving a matriculation certificate, the young man went to Moscow and entered the Shchukin Theatre School. On the same stream with him were many who gained fame later, actors, directors and screenwriters. With famous actor Leonid Filatov, a visiting student from Riga was settled in one room of the dormitory.

It was here, in the hostel, that Kachan and Filatov wrote the first songs that became true sluggers. This is confirmed by the song “Orange Cat”. After graduation, the certified actor was distributed for service in the Moscow Theatre of Young Spectator. After a short period of time, he began to be trusted with leading roles in repertory performances. Kachan managed not only to enter the theater stage, but also to work in movies. He performed the cavalryguard romance magnificently in the film “Star of Captivating Happiness.”

Recognition and personal life

For many years Vladimir Kachan collaborated with his friend Mikhail Zadornov. They performed on stage and recorded records that diverged across the country in millions of copies. For his great contribution to the development of domestic culture, Vladimir Andreevich was awarded the honorary title “People’s Artist of the Russian Federation”.

Kachan’s personal life developed safely. He only married once. The actor met his future spouse in rehearsal at the theatre. Husband and wife live under the same roof. They had a son raised who also became an actor.

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