Vladimir Bychkov: biography, creativity, career, personal life


Vladimir Bychkov was born on January 5, 1929 in Moscow. In the 1940s, he was in an additional cast at the Theatre Studio of a film actor. He was educated at the Moscow Financial Institute. The actor took professional training at the directing faculty of VGIK. His mentor was S. AND. Jutkiewicz. In the 1960s Vladimir was an employee of Belarusfilm studio, and in the 1970s he worked at the film studio named after M. Gorky. Bychkov is the author of episodes of the film magazine “Wick”.

In 1966, he won the WKF Prize for his painting “City of Masters”. This work was included in the list of the best films for children of the cinematic age. The director died on 24 April 2004 in Moscow. His son, Vasily Bychkov, is engaged in exhibition projects. It is founded by Expo-Park Company. The director’s granddaughter became a well-known architect. Her name is Julia Bychkova.

Beginning of career


first picture director was the 1957 short painting “Tambu-Lambu”. Bychkov, along with Russian writer Józef Printsev, became its screenwriter. The main roles in the film were received by Sasha Trusov, Victor Perevalov from “Mary-the Art”, Konstantin Adashevsky from “The Man in the Case”, Arkady Cowards from “The Stars of Captive Happiness”, Lev Stepanov from “The Wedding” in Malinovka” and Mikhail Mudrov of “The Chronicle of the Picking Bomber”. The main characters of the painting are 2 boys. She smashed the window and hid. At this time a stranger passed by and dropped a notebook. The guys heard, “Tambu-Lambu,” but didn’t understand what it meant. After the boys were looking for a passer-by to give the missing. The adventure film used music by Alexander Manevich.

In 1963, Bychkov’s painting “Attention! There’s a magician in town.” The script of this children’s film was written by Viktor Vitkovich, Grigory Jagdfeld. Mikhail Yanshin, Mikhail Zharov, Olga Porudolinskaya and Dmitry Orlov won the lead roles. The protagonist reads the tale and then thinks about what a world full of egoists would have been like. He talked about the fact that in a fairytale place the wizard turns bad inhabitants into dolls. To become human again, they need to do good. After 2 years Vladimir Sergeevich’s tale “City of Masters” was released. The action is set in a fairytale city where everyone works and is engaged in creativity. Its inhabitants are hard-working and kind. One day the city was taken over by outsiders and the population converted to slavery. The hunchback will fight for the rescue of fellow villagers. He will be helped by guerrillas living in the woods. The lead roles were performed by Georgy Lapeto, Marianne Vertinskaya, Lev Lemke and Elizaveta Uvarova.


In 1967 the film “Life and Ascension of Yuras Bratchik” was released. Sergei Skvortsov was the second director of the drama The lead roles were performed by Lev Durov, Ilya Rutberg, Lev Krug and Alexei Smirnov. The action takes place during the raids of Tatars. Then came the movie tape “My Dad is Captain”. The screenplay of the adventure family film was written by Isai Kuznetsov, Avenir Zak. The main roles were performed by Evgeny Teterin, son of director Vasily Bychkov, Julien Balmusov, Pavel Pervushin, Boris Grigoriev, Galina Chiginskaya. The central hero is a boy whose father is Captain. The film was shown not only in the USSR, but also in Argentina. The director’s next work was the crime action film “The Domain of the Republic”. It’s a story about the theft of valuable works of art. The adventure film was screened in the USSR and Hungary. The main roles were performed by famous actors Oleg Tabakov, Andrey Mironov, Spartak Mishulin and Yuri Tolubeev.

In 1976 Vladimir shot the painting “The Little Mermaid”. The tale of Hans Christian Andersen was taken as the basis of the musical melodrama. The script was finalized by Viktor Vitkovich, Grigory Jagdfeld. The main characters were played by Viktoria Novikova, Valentin Nikulin, Galina Artemova and Yuri Senkevich. The tale was popular in Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Finland, the United States, Japan and France. In 1977, Bychkov’s comedy “There’s an Idea!” was released. Stars such as Nikolai Rybnikov, Evgeny Lebedev, Mikhail Pugovkin and Nikolai Parfenov played the main characters. The painting tells the story of a schoolboy who continues the business of the famous inventor Kulibin. Then Vladimir directed the comedy “The Story of One Underhead” according to the script of Ivan Kiasashvili. This is a story about a boy’s father who constantly “taught” his son pods. To rid the parent of such methods required the intervention of television and the public. Albert Filozov, Pavel Kormunin, Igor Kosukhin and Yevgeny Teterin won the lead roles.

In 1982, the film “Circachonok” was released. The second director of the children’s drama was Veniamin Dorman, and the script was written by Evgeny Mitko and Vladimir Sosiura. Mikhail Kuznetsov, Mstislav Zapashny, Valentin Gaft and Valentin Nikulin can be seen in the lead roles. The painting tells the story of the life of a circus artist. In 1984, Vladimir presented the film “Autumn Gift of Fairies”. It’s a fantastic family picture. According to the story, the girl gets magic kaloshi that fulfills wishes. The lucky owner of mystical things gets her favorite business and luck. But the one who used kaloshi, but did not make his own efforts, failed. The main characters were played by Valentin Nikulin, Maria Surina, Vitaly Kotovitsky and Anatoly Ravikovich. The director’s last work is the 1986 film Flight to the Land of the Beasts. The family picture script was written by Vladimir Golovanov, Eduard Skobelev.

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