Vladimir Biryukov: biography, creativity, career, personal life


Vladimir Biryukov was born on June 9, 1983. Since 2013, he has played at the Theater on Vasilyevsky in Saint Petersburg. It is also called the State Theater of Satire on Vasilyevsky Island. Vladimir’s colleagues include Tatyana Bashlakova, Sergei Lysov, Konstantin Khasanov, Pavlina Konopchuk, Antonina Shuranova and Andrey Nikitinskikh.

Biryukov was educated at the St. Petersburg Humanities University of Trade Unions. He studied a course in directing and acting at the workshop of Z.Y. Korogodsky and V.B. Pazi. Almost nothing is known about the actor’s personal life.

Beginning of his career

In 2006, the actor played his first film role. It took place in the crime detective “Syndicate”. The series consists of 1 season and 12 series. According to the story, law enforcement is fighting a syndicate that under the guise of legal business is engaged in creating drugs. To defeat the corporation, agents are embedded in its ranks. In 2007, the crime series “GAI” began with Biryukov. The gunman walked through 2010. The story tells about the traffic police unit in St. Petersburg. A former operations worker comes into it. In the running mates, he gets a non-initiative employee who waits for retirement. The directors of the crime drama were Viktor Buturlin, Yevgeny Aksenov and Igor Moskvitin.

Vladimir was given a role in the TV series “Hounds”, which screened in 2007. The criminal detective tells about the work of the office, which is engaged in the search for escaped criminals. In it comes a newcomer who does not immediately pour into the collective. During 6 seasons, various criminal stories are told. Each time, the department staff rush in the trail of runaway criminals and do everything to find them. Sometimes they have to risk their own lives, because wanted can be very dangerous. Vladimir could then be seen as Khalipov in the crime detective Sea Devils 2. This 2007 TV series is about four commandos, their work and their personal lives. Directors of the action film – Kirill Kapitsa and Alexey Vostestov.

Biryukov soon got a small role in the historical adventure series “Catherine’s Musketeers”. The lead roles in the drama were performed by Svetlana Bakulina, Natalia Latysheva, Alla Oding and Natalia Surkova. At the center of the story are Catherine II’s Freilines, which prevent palace coups and protect the Empress from the intrigues of foreign ambassadors. The director of the series is Alexey Karelin. Vladimir happened to play in the TV series “Streets of Broken Lanterns 9″. A criminal detective tells about the professional work of the slaughter department.


In 2009 Vladimir got a role in the TV series “Possessed”. His character is Leonid Morozov. A detective tells the inquiry into a string of murders of women of easy behavior. It becomes clear that the same person is involved in the crimes. The series director is Evgeny Zvezdakov. Biryukov then played Fyodor Goncherenko in the TV series “Dangerous Leningrad”. Ksenia Asmolovskaya, Daniil Kokin, Maxim Golovchanov and Vladimir Matveev won the lead roles. The actor could later be seen in the TV series “The Last Encounter”. In this detective Biryukov has quite a prominent role. The action takes place in the 1980s.

The actor received his next permanent role in the TV series “Insurers”. The detective talks about the investigation department at the insurance company. Employees have to deal with thefts and murders whose motives are the amount of insurance. Sometimes they risk lives. Vladimir’s character is Grisha. He then got the role of Mikhailov in the miniseries “Into Fire and Water”. The melodrama follows the lives of three friends who became officers and in their school years loved the same girl. Vladimir then played in the 2011 short film “Short Skirt”. Director, screenwriter, producer, artist and montaller of the painting – Pavel Oreshnikov.

In 2012, the TV series “Outdoor Observation”, featuring Biryukov, began. The detective tells the intelligence service. Vladimir’s hero is Sergey. The project received high ratings from viewers and critics. In the same year, the actor received the role of Revun in the TV series “State Protection 2″. Heroes of the criminal gunman are engaged in witness protection. In the same year, the actor played in his first and so far only feature film. His role is Drive in the painting “A Separate Arrangement”. A criminal gunman tells of a skirmish of two gangs. Vladimir later passed a casting call for a role in the TV series “Pregnancy Test”. The action is set in a medical center where a young headteacher comes in. The melodrama was popular in Russia and Kazakhstan.

In 2014, the TV series “The Professional” began, in which Vladimir played Oskar Urinov. It’s a gunman about a scout who escaped from prison. The series was shown not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine. The director is Alan Dzotsiev. Biryukov received his next job in the TV series “Nevsky. Strength check.” His character is Alexei. The main character is a police major. He decided to leave his job after his wife was convicted of self-protection. In addition, the killer he caught for a long time turned out to be his friend. In 2017, the actor could be seen as Selivanov in the TV series “Melnik”. The director of the action is Stanislav Mareyev. Among Vladimir’s latest works is Dvornikov’s role in the TV series “The Healer”. Director, screenwriter and producer – Sergey Glazkov.

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