Vitaly Matveyev: biography, creativity, career, personal life


Vitaly Matveev appeared on January 1, 1936. His birthplace is Candle Station in Kirov Oblast. His father Ivan Mitrofanović was a labourer. During World War II, he became a Chevalier of two Orders of Fame. The actor’s mother was named Olga Pavlovna. Galina Ivanovna Bystrova became the choice of Vitalia.

Matveev was educated at Gerasimov’s acting course at VGIK. Lyudmila Gurchenko, Natalia Fateeva and Zinaida Kirienko studied with him. Vitaly received an invitation to Lenfilm Film Studio. Among the actor’s hobbies are writing poems and short stories, repairing clockwork and radio equipment. During the perestroika period Vitaly was interested in politics. Nikolay Ivanov made him his confidant. Vitaly was among the members of the Union of Cinematographers. Thanks to the actor, a plaque was erected in St. Petersburg to his teacher, Sergei Gerasimov. Matveev died on October 2, 2010.

Beginning of his career

In 1956 Vitaly got a role in the film “Chelkash”. According to the detective’s plot, the village guy unknowingly became an accomplice of the mother thief. After 3 years, he could be seen as Makhno in the painting “Frown Morning”. The drama was shown in Germany and Hungary. The lead roles went to Rufina Nifontova, Nina Veselovskaya, Vadim Medvedev and Nikolay Gritsenko. In the same year, he played in the film “The Tale of the Newlyweds”. The melodrama is about a married couple who were helped to keep the marriage alive by friends Matveev was then invited to film “It Was Spring”. The story tells the story of a brave girl who saved a young child in a fire. The actor’s next job came in the drama “Stronger than Hurricane” Nikolai Kryukov, Juris Strenga, Boris Butkeev and Ariys Gaykins won the lead roles in the adventure picture.

In 1961, he starred in the film “The Old Life”. It’s a children’s comedy about schoolchildren’s relationships. His character is Sidorenko. Matveev was then offered the role of Tikhon Chudrov in the film “After the Wedding”. The main character was sent from Leningrad to the village due to working necessity. When the deadline passes, he doesn’t want to return to the big city anymore. In 1964, the painting “The Blue Notebook” was released, where the actor performed the role of Alexey. Mikhail Kuznetsov, Mark Nickelberg, Nikolai Lebedev and Vasily Livanov won the lead roles. Vitaly could then be seen in the drama “While the Front in Defense”. The director is Julius Fait. In 1967, he played in the painting “Rebellious Zastava”. The historical drama tells of a revolt by the workers of a military factory. That same year, he got a role in the film “In the Fire of the Broad No”. The main character is a young nurse who works on a sanitary train during the Civil War.



could be seen in the film “Love Yarovaya” as Semenya. In 1971, he played in the painting “Dauria”. The action takes place before World War I. After 6 years he got the role of a prisoner in the drama “Explanation in Love”. The hero, who is in old age, remembers his whole life. In 1978, the actor played Yeromalay in the film “Zavyalovsky Chudiki”. The comedy is based on the stories of Vasily Shukshin. Then came the painting “Crimson Banks” featuring Vitaly. The director is Jaroslav Lupij. Matveev was invited to film “Especially dangerous…”. He played one of the bandits. The lead roles in the detective were performed by Viktor Zhiganov, Nikolay Sektimenko, Anatoly Skoryakin and Vladimir Vihrov.

In 1980, the film “At the Beginning of Glorious Affairs” was released, where the actor played Judas. The story is based on Alexei Tolstoy’s novel “Peter the First”. In the drama “Peter’s Youth”, Matveev again performed the role of Judas. The painting was shown in Portugal and Germany. 1981 earned him a role in the film “Comrade Innocent”. The action takes place early in the revolution. In 1982 Vitaly received the role of a disabled person in the film “Varvarin Day”. The story tells the story of a woman’s hard life during World War II. Her husband has gone to the front, and the heroine herself works in the factory. The following year, he had a small role in the miniseries “Early, Early Morning…”. The lead roles were performed by Nina Gomiashvili, Andrei Khrenov and Inna Fokina.

The actor was then given the role of Kudryavtsev in the painting “Chelyuskintsi”. Matveev’s next work took place in the 1984 film “Every Ten”. The director is Mikhail Ordovsky. In the same year the miniseries “Ivan Pavlov. Search for Truth” involving Vitaly. In 1986 Vitali played a malar in the television picture “Exceptions Without Rules”. Vitali later appeared as a bailiff in the film “Pickwick Club”. In the TV series “Secret Fairway”, the actor could be seen as Shubin’s assistant. The director of military drama – Vadim Kostromenko. He was then invited to play the role of Pasha Nikodimov in the film “The Vesuchy Man”. The actor’s next work took place in the 1988 painting “Subjects of the Revolution”. After 2 years, he played a boarding house client in the drama “Spirits Day”. The following year Vitali was given the role of Watchman in the film “The Year of the Good Child”. Matveev’s next role came in the 1992 film “Good Luck to You Gentlemen”. The following year saw the release of the series “Alaska Kid”, where the actor played a hard man. He then starred in the famous action film “Brother.” His character is a grandfather with a gun. Matveev could be seen in the TV series “National Security Agent”. In 1999, he played a bum in the crime detective “Streets of Broken Lanterns 2″.

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