Vinnie Jones: how did a professional footballer become an actor?

There are actors who don’t even have to play. They just remain themselves. But it is revealed only if there is a good director. Vinnie Jones was lucky with both the roles and the director. Completely demonstrated his talent in crime comedies. A revealed the actor famous director Guy Ritchie. However, Vinnie Jones was not always an actor. He is a professional footballer in the past.

Vinnie Jones

‘s football career

has always been distinguished by stubbornness, perseverance. Therefore, as a child it was decided to give to sports section. Selected football. This is where Vincent’s entire character manifested itself. The coach didn’t believe in him, but the future actor continued to play anyway.

In the professional league he made his way through amateur. He played for the first time in a team called Veldstone. Then he moved to the 3 league of the Swedish Championship. As part of the team, Holmsud held first place. The tough, tenacious footballer was spotted in England. Vinnie Jones went on to feature for the Wimbledon team.

In a lot thanks to his stiffness, the football team was called a “team of loonies.” Vinnies could have been removed as early as a few minutes after taking the field. He played rough. At times, even cruel. There was an occasion when Vinnie received a yellow card seconds after coming on as a substitute.

But it wasn’t always Vinnie playing rough. There was a period in his career where he was never removed from the field once. This period lasted 4 years. During this time he played for teams such as Leeds United, Chelsea and Sheffield United.

Played by Vinnie Jones and for the Welsh national team, where he got to thanks to his Welsh roots on his maternal side. In the England team he was not taken from -for rough play.

Winnie scored 33 goals during his football career, playing in more than 300 games. When turning 33, Vinnie retires from football and starts acting in movies. At the same time, he didn’t even think about getting the appropriate education.

A career in film

After retiring from the sport, Vinnie didn’t even understand what to do. And if it weren’t for an article in which a journalist said a footballer would never succeed, it’s unlikely we found out about him as an actor.

He was spotted by Guy Ritchie The famous director invited the former athlete into the film picture “Cards, Money, Two Trunks”. Played Winnie the cool guy. Then there was a role in the film project “Big Kush”. In front of the audience, our hero again appeared in the image of a harsh man. It was after these two paintings that the fame of the “bad guy” was established behind him.

He subsequently went on to play himself. In the film “Kostol” appeared before the audience in the image of a footballer. In the film comedy “Eurotour” masterfully played the role of a football fan. Get Winnie single-player roles. But he’s hardly worried about it.

Vinnie Jones’s filmography has more than 90 films. It’s worth highlighting paintings such as “X-Men. The Last Battle”, “Sentenced”, “Midnight Express”, “The Irishman”, “Arrow”, “Escape Plan”. It is filmed in both feature-length projects and miniseries.

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