Vince Carter: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 Future basketball player born in January late 70s last century in USA, Florida. He had: an older brother, a mother, and a stepfather. Both parents worked in the educational field; they were teachers.

The addiction to basketball direction appeared in Vince literally from the second year after his birth, his inspired television broadcasts. At eleven years old, Carter was able to reach the basketball end for the first time, a year later he scored his first goal on top.

Trained in high school, he was one of the best basketball players, there the young athlete met virtually no competition. Despite his great occupation with training, he managed to both get good grades at school and perform in a local orchestra. Already from the school dock, Vince was aiming for maximum results.

Basketball career

In his senior year, the youngster regularly participated in global championships between schools, by that point his growth was virtually two metres. He twice managed to achieve an impressive result at these competitions, first reaching the semi-finals and then bringing the decisive point to win the grand final.

After receiving his secondary education, Vince vacillated between seven dozen colleges offering him their opportunities for professional development. The basketball player chose an educational institution in North Carolina, there he met two players whom he subsequently befriended and found a strong athletic friendship.

In the late 90s, playing for college, the young athlete managed to win his first large-scale competition thanks to enhanced training and preparation. Further through the early 2000s, Carter won many tournaments, cemented his position on the global professional scene, and was invited to the Olympics.

 At the largest competition in his career, a successful basketball player won the American team, received a gold medal. It is worth noting his brilliant goal in one of the crucial matches, there he was able to make a leap over an enemy striker and swarmed a goal from above. About this trick is still used jokes and steady expressions.

Vince Carter and Michael Jordan

For ordinary spectator, the fact of the departure of the famous Jordan from the world stage did not fit in his head, because this athlete was a famous showman, no match of his did without a spectacular trick. The basketball audience immediately found a replacement; fans held an association between Vince and Michael.

Indeed, there were many similarities between the two, both players standing out for an unusual style of play, constant “highlights” on camera and consistently brilliant playing on the field. According to Carter himself, this comparison is inappropriate, because he does not try to “crush” the rival, to show his superiority, unlike the famous successor.

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