Viktor Erofeev: brief biography

Childhood and adolescence In the

 age of universal literacy, it is not easy to create a literary work that will attract the attention of a wide audience. It is very important to choose a topic that excites public opinion and create an exciting story. The future Russian writer and television presenter appeared on September 19, 1947 in the family of employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union. At that time, the parents lived in Moscow. His father held a responsible position in the structure of the ministry. Mother worked there as a translator.

The child grew up and developed in a supportive family. He never experienced material difficulties. From early childhood, educators and teachers worked with Victor. He was most seriously prepared for a career in the future. As a child, Erofeev spent more than five years in Paris, where the head of the family worked as a counselor in the Soviet Embassy. During this period, the boy learned to speak fluently in French. Got acquainted with the history of France and its cultural heritage. This country became his favorite for the rest of his life. It was in those years that the foundations of his civic outlook were formed.

In the creative field 

Erofeev studied well at the school. He favoured humanities subjects, although in mathematics had a firm “quad”. After receiving his matriculation certificate, Victor entered the Philology Department at the Moscow State University. As a student he engaged in translations from French and wrote review articles on novelties of foreign literature published in Russian. After graduation, Erofeev decided to continue his research in the graduate school of the Institute of World Literature. The young scientist chose the aesthetics of French existentialism as the subject of his scientific studies.

In 1975 he defended his PhD thesis for the degree of Candidate of Philological Sciences. Erofeev was widely known by an article on the creative features of Marquis De Sade, published in 1973 in the pages of the journal “Questions of Literature”. After a while, he was accepted into the Writers’ Union. Viktor Vladimirovich worked a lot and published his materials in different publishing houses. In 1979, Erofeev’s article appeared in the pages of the Samizdatov magazine “Metropol”. The consequences did not make himself wait — Erofeev was expelled from the Writers’ Union and stopped publishing his writings.

Recognition and personal life 

Restore his status quo Erofeev succeeded only with the beginning of perestroika, which began in the Soviet Union. All novels and critical articles that waited for their hour were published in prestigious publications. The writer was invited to television to host the program “Apocrypha”. For several years he worked as the host of the program “Encyclopedia of the Russian Soul” on radio station “Svo


writer’s personal life has not developed very smoothly. Erofeev twice officially registered the marriage. Four years lived with a woman without visiting the registry office. Currently living under the same roof with the second wife, who is younger than her husband by forty years. Viktor Vladimirovich continues to engage in literary work.

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