Vika Starikova: biography, creativity and career

Despite quite harsh judging criticism Vika Starikova managed to touch the audience’s hearts and get a large number of fans both among children and among the adults.

The road to success

The biography of a rising star began in 2008. The baby came to light in Nizhny Tagil on August 18. From the age of four, the girl memorized melodies and notes of songs without difficulty. Vika dreamed of learning to play a musical instrument. Her daughter’s desire to make music in the family was supported

The first competition platform for a young vocalist was the program on a tablet. A serious test was the performance in the capital in 2017. At the Minute of Glory competition, the girl sang Zemfira’s “Live in Your Head”. The song, according to listeners, was played at a very high level. From the first moments, she resonated outside the hall.

However, the jury members criticized the young participant. Mostly reproached parents who sent their daughter to such a serious ordeal too soon. Vica got it too: she was put at fault an age-inappropriate repertoire.

Downfalls and ups

Subsequently, Starikovs admitted that they simply did not expect such a reaction and did not prepare for it girl. As a result, Vic’s emotions didn’t resist, and the performance caused considerable resonance.

Things had

not improved by the second stage. The young singer’s performance was again criticized. As a result, Starikova left the contest But the return to his hometown was much more pleasant.

Victoria received the prize at the “Person of the Year” ceremony as a young resident who made her hometown famous. A real triumph for Vicky was the music video for Francis Lemark’s children’s song “The Frog and Three Wishes”.

As its basis, the creators took real events. Singing in front of strict judges the baby quickly gained more than a million views. The number was constantly growing. The next step towards recognition was a cover version of Tsoy’s composition “Cuckoo”. The children’s performance impressed not only fans of the vocalist, but also experienced melomans. Then “Angel” and “Miracle” were recorded.

New plans

Almost all the time the rising asterisk spends with friends and parents. Most of all, she likes to sing. However, the choice of future for her is still ahead. And the aspiration of the girl herself is aimed at improving talent and development, not at gaining fame.

In social networks, Viku is called a nugget, leaving laudatory reviews. Approvably spoke about Starykova and the famous actor Sergey Jursky, who noticed that all the compositions for her are chosen by age, and the performer has both voice and love for vocals.

Victoria runs her channel on hosting “YouTube”. It is very popular. Not less listeners like her tracks – “minusovka”.

In 2020, the star focused efforts on his studies. Besides the usual she attends music-school. The choice of music career in the family is not insisted on. For parents, the most important thing is daughter’s happiness. Therefore, any choice they are willing to support.

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