Victor Tsekalo: biography, creativity, career, personal life

It’s hard to tell where Victor excelled more: in show business, on television or in another field. Probably, it is still early to sum up, because the main roles and projects he has yet to come.


Born Victor Evgenyevich Tsekalo in Kiev in 1956. His family bears a sound surname, and it became so largely thanks to the actor’s younger brother Alexander Tsekalo. The boys’ parents were Soviet engineers, and everyone wondered where the brothers had the ability to reincarnate from. And then it turned out that his father’s grandfather played in a theater studio at the Theatre of Russian Drama. And he had to stand on the same stage with a real celebrity — Lyubov Dobřanska. And that’s with the fact that he was the director of the military plant and the pride of the whole family.

As a child Victor was the defender of his younger brother: when Sasha was offended, he climbed into a fight, punished offenders. But sometimes there were more of them, and that’s when he got. And so it was quite common — until the brother grew up.

After graduation, Viktor entered the Kiev Institute of Theatre Arts, where he received an acting education. As all Soviet young men, he was drafted into the army, but then he was a comissovan on health. Gradually, the actor realized that he didn’t have enough education and that he wanted to expand the boundaries of his opportunities, so he joined GITIS in the directing department.


It gave him the opportunity to work in television as an author and host of different programs. Still, viewers remember his Golden Goose, White Crow and I Monument to Myself Erected.

If we talk about career as a whole, it at Tsekalo some “twitchy”: that is, work, then no. It happened that he went on tour to America, acted in movies in Moscow. And there was such that it was necessary to stand behind the counter of the stall, trading in every little thing. There were adventures here, too: both thugs would attack, and acquaintances watched in horror as the actor traded vodka.

In one interview, Victor was asked why he had not moved to Moscow or to the United States, although there was a possibility. To which he replied that he loved his homeland too much to live abroad. And to Moscow — it just didn’t come out, it wasn’t lucky. He would like to be recognized and loved where he was born and lives, not on an alien.

In addition to working in two philharmonies and many theaters, Tsekalo has experience in film, though in occasional roles. Now it’s more and more series, the best of which are considered “Method”, “Major 2”, “Demons”, “Reverse of the Moon”, “Consultant”.

Personal life

Victor Tsekalo was married three times, from his first marriage to him there is a daughter Maria. Now the actor is in relations with Azerbaijani film director Mammadova Arzu Urshan kyzy.

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