Veronika Kruglova: a brief biography

Childhood and adolescence

In one of her interviews, Veronika Kruglova admitted that her favorite number is “seven.” The future star of Soviet pop came to light on February 23, 1940 in an ordinary Soviet family. At that time, the parents lived in the famous city of Stalingrad. His father worked in a tractor factory. The mother did the household. When war broke out, the Round family was evacuated to Ufa. During the move, enemy aircraft bombed the railway echelon with refugees. Only the wagon number seven, which contained little Veronica, was intact.

After the war, the head of the family was transferred to a new destination in Saratov city. Here Kruglova she graduated from high school. As senior, she began to be active in the theatre studio at the local Young Spectator Theatre. After graduation, Veronica was invited to join the company of this theatre. At one of the performances an attractive actress was seen by the famous confederante Vilen Kirillovsky, who worked at the Stalingrad Philharmonic Society. Saw and loved it. They were a beautiful couple. After the wedding, the couple began to live and work in Stalingrad.

Creative activities

After a short period of time Veronica and Vilaine accepted the invitation Leningrad Philharmonic and moved to the city on the Neva. Things folded well at first. However, after some time Kirillovsky had to leave his job. And Kruglova, on the contrary, received an invitation to the popular ensemble conducted by Pavel Rudakov, after she won the creative competition. As a part of this collective the singer already held toured the country and recorded songs on the record. Vinyl discs with Kruglova’s voice flew around the country.

People of different ages listened to vocal compositions “Can’t See Nothing”, “Blue Planet”, “Night Stations”, “Call Me Loved”. The unique timbre of Round people listened to when they had fun, and when moments of sadness happened. The singer was invited to the staff of the Moscow Philharmonic Society. By the mid-70s, Veronica Kruglova’s popularity was at its zenith. Then, somehow gradually, she began to be restricted. The popular performer was not included in the national concerts, which were regularly held in honor of official public holidays.

Emigration and personal life

During her long and troubled life Veronika Kruglova was married four times. The first marriage to Konferansier Kirillovsky lasted almost two years. The singer then lived under the same roof for three years with Joseph Kobzon. The divorce from a well-known personality was scandalous.

Veronica’s third husband was the popular singer Vadim Mulerman. They had a daughter, Xenia. In the early 90s, they moved to permanent residence in the United States. But the family boat still fell apart. For the fourth time, Veronica connected herself with Igor Doctorovich by the bonds of marriage. This has happened already in America. Today Kruglova no longer acts on stage. She turned 80.

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