Vera Tarasova: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Vera Tarasova is the host of the program “Vesti” in the project “Morning of Russia”. In her spare time, she does yoga, embroiders a cross, breeds flowers and organises holidays.


Born in Yoshkar-Ole in November 1973. Becoming an actress was a childhood dream. The girl taught small skits, then, when relatives and loved ones gathered, played out in front of them artistic miniatures.

But when after graduation the question of where to go to study arose, relatives were against the profession chosen by the girl. And Vera’s grandmother said that in the acting environment everything is only through bed. The girl, without withstanding such pressure, decided to obey relatives and submitted documents to the Polytechnic Institute.

But, apparently, carrying out all – it was necessary for Vera Tarasova to fulfill her dream. She did not enter the Polytechnic Institute. And at the beginning of September of the new academic year in Tarasov’s apartment the phone call was distributed.

It was Verena’s mother that got a call from a friend who worked at a culture school. She told about Dmitry Lavrov gaining an acting course. Then already native didn’t mind that the girl went on the call of heart, especially as after failure in Polytechnic Institute the applicant would have to lose a whole year before another admission to higher education institution.

Vera Tarasova safely graduated from the school of culture, and in 1993 went to conquer the capital.

To be insured, the future famous presenter submitted documents to all theater universities in Moscow. But there was a failure waiting for her. The girl couldn’t even make it to the second round.

But after a year the fate was humble, and Tarasova entered VGIK on the course of Evgenia Kindinov.




thecreative path of the young star began with mass events. When the young actress received a profile education, she was invited to work at the Modern Theatre. Here she worked for two years, at the same time starred in small roles in TV series, participated in music videos.

In 1995, the creators of TVC channel noticed young giving. The girl was invited to lead the program “Business Moscow”.

Vera Tarasova decided to become a specialist of a wide profile, to join the public domain in order to study at work.

Since 1997, Vera Tarasova has been working at Rossiya TV channel, where she has been conducting a news program in the “Morning of Russia” project for a long time.

Personal life

She has a young woman also developed. She has a beloved husband, two children. In her spare time, Vera likes to grow flowers, sew, cross stitch, do yoga.

A young woman often comes to her mother, who lives in her native Yoshkar-Ola.

More recently, Tarasova has become the organizer of the holidays. And a new hobby, generating income and moral satisfaction, she also enjoys a lot.

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