Vera Brezhneva: biography, creativity, career, personal life

A popular and spectacular woman appeared in 1982, in the first numbers of February. It happened in a town called Dniprodzerzhinsk. In addition to her, three girls were raised in the family. Vera Brezhneva’s parents were not involved with either cinema or variety. They worked at a local chemical plant. By the way, Vera is not really Brezhnev. Her surname is Galushka.

On the way to Wealthy’s dream

, the family of the famous performer was not, because of which relations with classmates were not easy. The girl always came to lessons wearing the same clothes. It is difficult to believe, but also the appearance of her Faith did not stand out. She was an inconspicuous girl.

But with the artistry, she had everything great. Her debut roles were first performed at a young age. Often she performed at matinees in kindergarten. She proved herself on stage and while in school. All her roles Vera performed masterfully despite her lack of theatrical education. There was simply no money to attend an acting mug.

From childhood, Vera dreamed of becoming a star. And she moved hard on her way to a dream. And problems of financial nature did not interfere with it in the least. As a child she was fond of karate, practiced gymnastics, played basketball. She even took secretary courses and learned English. In addition, Vera additionally studied computer science and learned to drive a car. For all her hobbies the girl earned herself. She tended flower beds at Zelenstroa and babysitted children.

era wanted to go to a lawyer. However, this thought had to be abandoned due to lack of money. She just couldn’t afford to pay tuition. Therefore the girl arrived in the Dnipropetrovsk Institute on the economist. She was trained on the correspondence department.


dramatic change in the girl’s biography occurred in 2002. In her city came women’s collective “VIA Gras”. Naturally Vera came to see the concert. She even managed to sing with artists on the same stage. And it was at this moment that the beautiful and spectacular girl was noticed by Dmitry Kostiuk.

Music career

In the popular collective, Vera replaced Alena Vinnitskaya. In addition, she had to change her last name. Dmitry Kostiuk helped to come up with a pseud He found out where Vera came from and immediately suggested she become Brezhneva. After all, in Dniprodzerzhinsk the former secretary general was born. On stage in an updated form the musical collective came to the stage in 2003.

And after several years, that team is considered the most fruitful, the best. It was dubbed “gold”. After the release of several successful albums, one of which received a “Golden Disc” (the compilation “Stop! Taken off!”) , it was decided to record an English-language album. The popular band presented their debut compilation during a concert in Israel.

In May 2003, there was a performance in the “Olympic”. The girls performed the composition “Good morning, Dad!”. The song instantly became a hit. She was spun on music channels several times a day. After 4 years, Vera was named Russia’s sexiest woman for the first time. This title she won several more times. In the same year, she left the group “VIA Gras”.


his solo career

from the musical collective, Vera did not immediately begin to perform. She didn’t return until a few months later. Appeared to her fans in the TV program “The Magic of Ten”. Faith was the lead. After a couple of months, fans of the popular singer were able to hear new songs performed by Vera — “I’m not playing” and “Nirvana”. Vera also appeared in the TV show “Glacial Period-2″. Not as a presenter this time. She, along with Vazgen Azroyan, competed for prizes.

In 2010, her new music album “Love Will Save the World” is released. Every next year, fans could listen to new songs in her performance. Some compositions she performed one, some in duet with other popular artists.

Film success

Vera performed her first film role in 2005. The girl appeared in front of fans in the project “Sorochinskaya Fair”. It was a musical. She starred in a feature-length motion picture a few years later. Together with actors such as Alexey Chadov, Svetlana Khodchenkova and Anastasia Zadorozhnaya, Vera appeared in the film “Love in a Big City”. The project became very successful, thanks to which several more parts came to the screens.

She didn’t even think about it. After a while, the talented artist appeared to fans in such film projects as “Christmas trees”, “Jungle”, “8 Best Dates”. And in the miniseries project “Major 2,” she played herself. By the way, her appearance in one of the series came as a complete surprise to many viewers.

Successes in personal life

How does a girl live when you don’t have to work hard and fruitfully? Vera Brezhneva’s personal life is as bright as it is creative. Before beginning her career, she built a relationship with politician Vitaly Voichenko. From him she gave birth to her first child. She called her daughter Sonya. Almost immediately after the girl came to light, the couple broke up. And it happened on the initiative of the girl.

Sara’s daughter Vera Brezhneva gave birth to businessman Mikhail Kiperman. It happened in 2009. Another year later, the artist takes her husband’s last name. But Vera Kiperman she was short lived. In 2012, a divorce took place. At the first time, it was rumored that Mikhail’s financial problems caused this. Vera initially declined to comment on the divorce. However, she subsequently denied the rumors. But the true reasons for the breakup did not call.

Even before the breakdown of relations with Mikhail, Vera became close with Konstantin Meladze. A wedding between the two took place in 2015. There was a solemn event in a small town called Forte dei Marmi.

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