Vasily Molokov: a brief biography

Starting conditions

 Scientific and technical progress allowed the Russian Power to break into leaders among developed states in short terms by historical standards planet. A clear example of this is the development of domestic aviation. After the October Revolution of 1917, social elevators were opened for commoners, for natives of workers and peasants. Vasily Molokov thanks to his natural abilities was able to overcome the age barriers and get the profession of pilot. To do this, it was necessary to attach great old ages, willpower and aspiration to the intended goal.

The future Lieutenant General of the Air Force came to light on 13 February 1895 in a simple peasant family. Parents at that time lived in the Moscow village of Irinskoye. His father was engaged in baking and waste fishing. In the winter he went to Moscow and hired as workers to breeders and merchants. After a while, two more children appeared in the house. When Vasily turned nine years old, his father died rapidly. The boy had to leave his studies at the church-parish school and go to earnings.

Professional activity

For several years, Molokov worked as a handyman, a hammer fighter in a forge, a fitter in a textile factory. World War I broke out and Basil was called to serve in the navy. The savvy crewman was sent to the air station of the Baltic Fleet. Here Molokov mastered the specialty of a minder and after a short period of time received a referral to the school of aviation mechanics. Already as a flight mechanic participated in fighting against White Guards in the territory of Arkhangelsk Governorate.

After the end of the Civil War, the military pilot was sent to study at the Zhukovsky Academy. After completing his studies, Molokov was appointed as an instructor pilot to the High School of Red Sea Pilots. In 1931, having demobilized from the ranks of the Air Force, Vasily Sergeyevich received a direction to rule as a line pilot of an aviation detachment in the city of Krasnoyarsk. The experienced aviator was entrusted to master air routes on the territory of Siberia and the basin of the Arctic Ocean. In 1934 Molokov took part in the rescue of passengers and crew of the famous steamer “Semyon Chelyuskin”.

Recognition and personal life

The operation to rescue the polars from the drifting ice floe was carried out in difficult weather conditions. Soviet pilots managed to demonstrate a high level of professionalism. All the people were saved. For this feat Vasily Molokov, among the other seven pilots, received the honorary title Hero of the Soviet Union.

During the Great Patriotic War, Molokov held various positions in the Air Force. Victory met at the position of commander of the night bombers division. Personal life of the illustrious pilot developed safely. The spouse shared with him all the hardships of official activity. Husband and wife raised a son who worked at the Astronaut Training Center. Vasily Molokov died in December 1982.

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