Vasily Malyshev: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Vasily Malyshev refers to a pleiade of talented photographers. He lived and created in the era of the USSR, when color photography was only developing. The talented artist created many portraits of people of various professions, made a great contribution to the development of the art of color photography.

The biography

Vasily Malyshev was born in the early 20th century — in 1900. A gift to his mother in the form of a Kodak camera became iconic for a ten-year-old boy. It was from this age that Vasily began taking pictures. But professionally became engaged in his favorite cause only when he turned 37.

At this age Malyshev started working as a correspondent for the newspaper “Trud”, but here he was accepted for a freelance position. And a full-time employee the master became in the agency TASS when he created photo opuses for the organization of the Union of Photographers.

The harsh years

Vasily Malyshev passed the Great Patriotic War. By this time, he was already editor-in-chief of TASS. The master of photography worked in photo reconnaissance, was on various fronts.

When the significant Nuremberg trial took place, Malyshev was posted there as an official photographer.

Creativity and career

When the war ended, the talented artist began working for a press and news agency.

He created many portraits of people, among them actors, collective farmers, representatives of various professions.

Looking at his shots, you know that the artist loves all his characters. Therefore, from the photos, such spiritualized faces look at the audience. Each of them has its own zest, uniqueness.

Now photos can be processed using computer technologies. Then it wasn’t. And the greater the credit of the famous photo artist, who was able to expand the possibilities of color art, to shoot many people against the background of their usual landscapes, to achieve harmony.

Photoworks of genius

It is impossible not to smile, looking at the cheerful colorful figure of the collective farm. The woman is captured by Malyshev against a background of picturesque flowers. She is dressed in the national Ukrainian shirt – vyshyvanka. This is the milking of Galina Boyko from Ukraine, the picture was taken in 1974.

Malyara Glavmosstroy Vera Fedina in 1975 the photo artist captured in a familiar working environment for the girl. And nothing the uniform is covered with paint. This adds a snapshot of naturalness and veracity.

The stalevar from Rustavi Vladimir Metreveli was also depicted in a familiar setting, in the background of the shop, in overalls. He shot Malyshev and people of art. How wonderful looks the famous opera singer Irina Arkhipova on the photo portrait of the master!

Looking at the portrait of actress Zinaida Kirienko, it is at once difficult to believe that it is a photograph, not a canvas of the artist. So skillfully Malyshev created her photo portrait.

Some of the great master’s works are included in his collection, which is called “Selected Photographs”. You can admire them not only in a printed paper version, but also on the Internet.

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