Vasily Kuptsov: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 Vasily Nikolaevich Kuptsov was born in 1952 in Penza region. He grew up in the village in a large and happy family. His mom had 9 children. All of them received education, seven received higher education.

After graduation, Vasily went to the PTU. Here he majored, becoming a chauffeur and car fitter. Then Vasily Nikolaevich was nicknamed into army. He served in the town of Cool.

After serving, Kuptsov returned to his native village. But there was no prospect for further training here. Then the future chief of militia decided to go to the capital. At the time it was difficult to move from collective farm to town. Villagers were given virtually no passports. Vasily Nikolaevich with a smile told that he almost smuggled a passport to go to Moscow.

Here he lived with his aunt, then went to work as a trolley driver. Paid well, so the young man was able to learn, get dressed. But we had to get up long before dawn to get to work. Without withstanding such a schedule, after 2 years Vasily Kuptsov decided to quit, but he went almost by accident to work in militia. It was problematic for him to get another job, as in those days it could only be done if he came to the village again, to sign up there. It was impossible.

Career of the militiaman

But Vasily had no special education therefore he decided to go to school of militia. In parallel, the young man worked in police station. After a year and a half, Kuptsov was offered to go to criminal investigation. That’s when the young man realized it was his calling. But, again, there was a lack of specialist knowledge at first. Then Vasily Nikolaevich decided to go to the institute to become a lawyer.

Personal life

Kuptsov V.N. met his future wife in MUR, she worked in the Department of Internal Affairs. In time, the couple became a lieutenant colonel. When husband and wife had a daughter, all three of them lived in a communal apartment in a small room. Moore would have had to wait a long time. Then Vasily Nikolaevich decided to move to a position of the chief of police station. Then Kuptsov moves along the career ladder, takes an important post in the UBHS GUVD.

Search workRemembering

important cases from the practice, Vasily Nikolaevich told that once they with comrades detained criminal group, then the second. For disclosure of a series of high-profile crimes Vasily Nikolayevich presented to the award. So he received the Order of Courage.

Kuptsov Nikolay Vasilyevich is a happy family man. He raised a daughter, now rejoicing, watching his grandson grow up. At one time the militiaman even taught, was vice-rector.

He sits on the Veterans Council, helps his knowledge to Moore’s young staff. In his spare time, Kuptsov likes to go fishing, hunt, go for mushrooms, relax in nature together with friends and family.

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