Varvara Vladimirov: biography, creativity, career and personal life

In the choice of profession by the only daughter famous parents never doubted. Varvara Igorevna grew up behind the scenes and dreamed of a career as a theatrical actress. And in the family everyone had a direct relation to stage work.

The road to the vocation

Biography of a future celebrity began in 1968. The child was born in Leningrad on March 13 in the family of famous actress Alice Freundlich and theatre director Igor Vladimirov.

The girl often spent all the time backstage. In cinema, for the first time Varya tried her hand at 15. She played in the musical tale “The Extra Ticket”. The director was her father.

After school, she graduated in 1985 to the theater institute of her hometown, LGitmik. She studied the course of Igor Vladimirov.

As the graduate did not want constant comparisons with her parents, she refused an offer to play in the theater at Vladimirov’s. Find a vocation girl decided in a movie. In 1986 she appeared in Danelia’s painting “Kin-za-za”. True, the role was small.

Career and Family The

real film debut took place in Leonid Nechayev’s tale “Don’t Leave”. The heroine of the novice artist was Princess Albina. The work of Barbara was warmly received by both the audience and critics.

In 1994, the promising performer was invited to play in the thriller “No Return Ticket”. Due to the difficult situation in the domestic cinema then came a lull, there were few offers. Invitations to low trial projects Varvara did not accept.

In the nineties Vladimirova engaged in family She married. Sergey Borisov became her choice. Son Nikita and daughter Anna appeared. After 20 years, the union broke up.

In 2009 Varvara Igorevna decided to return to the profession. In the mezzanine production “Tango and Love Lessons”, the performer got the role of Simone.


The actress played on the stage of the St. Petersburg BDT. In 2010, she played Chelsea in “One Year’s Summer”. A small role went to her in the theatrical “California Suite”. Vladimirova acted as a TV presenter of the program “One at Home” on the channel “One Hundred”, starred in serials “Our Happy Tomorrow”, “Going on the Pour”, “Mentov Wars”. Small roles were played by the performer in TV projects “Women’s Logic”, “Vovochka”.

In 2019 Varvara Vladimirova starred in the film “Genius”. Her heroine became Faina, a determined and self-sufficient superior.

The children continued the creative dynasty. Nikita Tarasov chose the acting faculty of the School Studio MHAT. He is involved in film production, becoming a producer and director. Anna saw a future in professional producing. However, realized as an actress.

Both became family people. Nikita has a son Peter growing up. Anna Myszynska pleased her mother and grandmother with her daughter Sonya.

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