Variscite: appearance, properties of stone and compatibility with Zodiac signs


name is owed to a field in Varistia, one of the districts of Saxony. Scholars’ view of the precious find’s belonging to turquoise changed in 1837. Johan Breithaupt concluded that bluish-green crystals are similar to a gem, but are not a variety of it.

Appearance, varieties

Formed gems at high acidity in deep caves when exposed to water. Jewelry deposits — in mountain regions. The stone covers the rocks with a crust and also serves as a layer. The impurities in the composition create inside the variscite spectacular veins – patterns

Coloring determines the content in the composition of iron and chromium. There are several varieties of minerals:

  • Maximum similarity to turquoise is in greenish-blue spherite. It is common for jewellers to give the stone a round shape when processing.
  • The distinctive feature of greenish-yellow variscites is quirky yellow patterns on a green background. There are also spectacular green crystals with a beautiful yellow ebb.
  • The most precious varieties include the heavy-blue gemcolor that spills on the light.
  • Chloroyutarite is distinguished by saturated green color. It is not uncommon for the mineral to be confused with jasper.
  • Red and purple jewels are extremely rare, therefore valued especially highly.


On the shape of crystals resemble octahedra. Specimens have wax or glass sheen. Instances are divided into opaque and transparent. All gems specimens are easily treatable. The mineral does not contribute high temperatures, collapsing when heated.

Esoterics endow variscite with special properties. Special energy contributes to the analysis of mistakes made and warns against repeating them in the future.

  • Crystal eliminates unnecessary thoughts, helps to gain inner harmony.
  • The mineral removes insecurities, flaredness and irritability.
  • Variscite promotes the discovery of potential. Therefore, he is called the mascot of creative people. It helps to become successful and achieve financial prosperity in the chosen field.
  • Stone protects against accidents and supports businessmen, experienced and beginners. The mascot will tell you how it is profitable to lay out funds and avoid unnecessary spending.

It has precious and medicinal properties. Lito therapists believe that using variscitis it is easier to get rid of phobias, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders and emotional instability.

Compatible with Zodiac signs

Except for Cancer and Pisces as a mascot fits the crystal to all signs of the Zodiac. Will relieve the amulet from the selfishness of Sagittarians and Aries, helping to become more conspiratorial. Subject to regular wear, the owners’ lives will change for the better.

Positive energy of self-color will rid the aggression of Lions. The reliable mascot for the family will serve as a self-made of pieces of stone and beads.

Care for the product is easy: It is

  • advisable to store jewelry separately from other stones.
  • The main condition is to keep in the dark. Sunlight deprives the mineral of shine, the crystal becomes dim.
  • Regular cleaning is needed. For this purpose, the products are washed under a jet of water and placed in saline for a couple of hours. The accessory is then dried and polished with a soft napkin.

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